Paper Chandeliers


Cristina Parreño created a stunning display at ARCO Madrid. One simple idea, applied en-masse becomes a  brilliant chandelier. A paper tube sculpture lights the dim room creating drama and intrigue. How great would this be in a loft space, restaurant, or even on a smaller scale, over the dining room table?  Low cost, low technical know-how, get stringing and start hanging! This is one DIY project that could really make an impact, and provide the necessary wow-factor to keep your dinner guests talking.

Image source  Cristina Parreño

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Forged By Hand



Forged, by hand. A lost art?  Thankfully, ‘Hubbardton Forge, an American manufacturer of hand forged iron lighting fixtures, first fired up the Forge in a drafty old barn in the town of Hubbardton in 1974. The Vermont based company scavenged through New England gathering rusting anvils, trip hammers, swage blocks and other discarded tools of the trade in order to revive the nearly forgotten craft of hand-forging raw metal into functional art.’ I enjoyed discovering their collection which includes these handmade, one of a kind lighting fixtures. Simple and architectural, and at once modern and rustic. Lighting integrated into the metal and glass housing, these pieces are artwork for any room.

Images and excerpts sourced at Hubbardton Forge.


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Optical Glass House

YouTube Preview Image

Take a gorgeous video tour of the Optical Glass House by Hiroshi Nakamura and his studio NAP. Truly experiential, exploring all of the senses while solving for the homeowners space needs. The home is located in the heart of the city on a busy highway. The custom Optical Glass Block wall on the front facade provides acoustic separation from the noise of the city, while maintaining a visual connection to the lively and active urban streetscape. It seems to me a relaxing and meditative environment, the manipulation of light and water creating pattern and texture dancing on the walls, an art installation if you will, changing with the shifting sun. The Optical Glass House project is getting some well deserved attention in the press. An architectural expression, not just of shelter, but also realizing the power of transformation. A once undesirable lot becomes an oasis of calm from the activity of the day to day just outside the door.

Video sourced at

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Le Plic

A modern wall sconce is often a design challenge. Something dynamic, offering not only ambient light to a room, but visual interest and a bit of drama. An expressive and gorgeous solution, the Le Pic designed by Nathalie Dewez. Offered by ligne-roset,, it throws light in an artful array, and creates focus to the mounting surface. The design is so stunningly simple: “The originality of this wall light lies in its simple use. Its construction is particularly ingenious: the ‘Plic’ is made of a round bulb with a lateral reflector; it is used as a torch that can be attached to different places with a spring-clip.” This spring clip attachment piece is where you come in. A DIY installation, creating a custom art installation unique to each user. You can arrange the bulbs however you fancy, the spacing and placement producing varied effect on mood of a room. Great fun!

Images and excerpt sourced at ligne-roset, and  the designers website, Nathalie Dewez.

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Happy Birthday to the Lightbulb

‘Thomas Edison’s first successful test of a long-lasting carbon filament took place on October 22, 1879.’ A discovery that has changed the very way we live and engage in our environments. A source of light, functioning beyond the expected, visually warming a room, and providing a focal point. Bulbrite‘s introduction of the Nostalgic light bulb collection is beautiful indeed. With eye catching and intricate filament designs, they can be used both indoors and out. Spectacular enlightenment.

Images and excerpt sourced at Unbiased Writer.

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