Spotted: Oversized Cotton Pendant


Scandinavian blogs get me every time – full of monochromatic, minimalist homes that are as inspired as they are light-filled. And in my weekly check-in with a few of my favorite reads, I kept spotting the most stunning statement pendant in various homes across the pond. Naturally, I had to find out more!:


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A Stunning DIY Bedside Lamp

You’re not going to believe this (really!), but this lamp? This lamp is a DIY project. A completely do-able one at that. Is your mouth gaping as wide as mine?

Finnish industrial design student Minni spotted a similar lamp and was inspired to recreate the look – on a serious budget. The best part? Every item used in the project was sourced from IKEA or a local hardware store, making it incredibly affordable (and seriously convenient if you’re lucky enough to live near an IKEA!).

If you’d like to tackle the project, Mini has a fantastic three-port tutorial here, here and here. [Warning: the concrete-pouring process looks a wee bit intimidating, but she gives some great tips on getting the job done!] Aren’t you amazed? Cheers to creative solutions on a dime!

Image Credit: Nimi Design

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Why Don’t You…?

… go overboard with your bedroom’s light fixture?

The bedroom is the perfect place to experiment with statement lighting, as it’s often a pretty minimalist space. After all, who needs more than a bed and a pair of nightstands in their place of slumber?

Dress up your average bedroom by adding a gigantic, unique light fixture centered over the bed. The room will feel less like a utilitarian space and more like a glamorous nighttime retreat – perfect for catching your much-needed beauty rest every night.

Happy snoozing!

Image Credit: The Style Files


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DIY Pendants

Simple. Stylish. Stunning.
Wire ‘shades’ create an illusion of form at once playful and sophisticated. These DIY pendant fixtures offer the opportunity to explore an endless range of possibility. The grouping of three, asymmetrically placed at the end of the table, create an unexpected focal point in this otherwise simple room. The white wire ties together the color scheme with the painted wood chairs and table, and floats beautifully at varied heights against the neutral colored wall. A thoughtful and achievable DIY project  to add personality and character to any space.

Styling by Finnish Jenni Juurinen. Photo by Pekka Holmström. Sourced at From Scandinavia With Love.

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Why Don’t You…?

… transform a basic white tutu into a statement pendant for your bedroom?

Now, I’m not an electrician so I can’t attest to the safety protocol of lighting, but I’m absolutely in love with the idea. And at the very least, it could simply become a faux pendant, yes? (All of this coming from a girl who loves form and not function, of course!)

And you wouldn’t have to stop there – how about covering your favorite floor lampshade in a salmon tutu, or perhaps even spotlighting a dining room table pendant with a black tutu? The look is positively fun and surprisingly versatile – all the makings of a DIY done right!

Image via Annaleenas Hem

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