A Custom (Free!) Coffee Table


I love the idea of re-purposing old pallets found and discarded outside of restaurants, shipment centers or office buildings. From beds to sofas (and more ideas here!), they offer a wide range of possibilities while providing plenty of character from any space. (There’s just something so very comfortable and “lived in” about a rustic piece, and you truly can’t get more rustic than a recycled wood pallet, right?) Yet by far, one of my favorite pallet transformations is this smart, functional coffee table from Ellinors Hus.


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Why Don’t You…?

… enjoy a hammock inside your home?

If you live in a seasonal area, it’s a shame that hammocks can only be enjoyed for a few months out of the year. So why not bring the outdoors in and install your favorite outdoor swing in a forgotten corner of your living room?

The look is perfectly Bohemian, creating a relaxing environment in almost any space. How lovely would it be to curl up and read your favorite novel in the comfort of your own home – sans those pesky mosquitoes?

Happy swinging!

Image Credit: CAKIES

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Finally: Under-the-Sofa Storage!

I’m one of those compulsive organizers that hates to see space go un-used and wasted. Naturally, when I spotted this genius idea on Apartment Therapy, I leaped for joy. Finally – a use for that weird, dust-bunny-collecting space underneath every sofa in my home!

By simply adding casters to a pre-formed countertop, you can create a handy games/craft surface for your kids! Let the puzzle-piecing, paper-glueing and go-fishing commence, and when your little one is finished having the time of their life? Roll it away – hidden and out of sight.

Genius idea, right?!

Photo: 2012 IKEA catalog

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A Suitcase DIY You’ve Never Seen!

Vintage suitcases are all the rage these days, and I feel like I’ve seen them in every possible reiteration: nightstands, pet beds, end tables – even planters. Yet after stumbling upon this image of Ki Nassauer’s living room, I’ll never look at an average suitcase DIY the same way:

Yes, that’s right. Vintage suitcases turned into shelving! Genius idea, and brilliant execution. I love how the vintage tones and textures of the suitcase sing against a muted blue wall, perfectly styled with quirky accessories and a mid-century credenza. The look just screams personal style, doesn’t it?

What do you think, friends? Would you try this look in your home – and do you have the patience to find the perfect vintage suitcases for the job? Spill in the comment section below!

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Why Don’t You…

… go completely overboard?

There’s nothing calming about the living room above, sure, but doesn’t it just grab you? Of course, one might argue that there are far too many cushions, not nearly enough seating and an uncanny amount of mismatched artwork. But I say? Beautiful.

Go ahead – break the rules this week. You have our permission.

Image via That Funky Boutique

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