Why Don’t You…?

… play with color in your favorite space?

Image Credit: House & Home

On paper, this room sounds like a bit of a mess: peacock walls, blood orange ceiling and a teal couch. That’s a LOT of color. But you know what? It completely works. Due to a healthy amount of natural lighting, bold accessories and coordinating artwork, this cozy living room is as stylish as it is saturated.

A few tips to make it work?:
1. Don’t underestimate pattern. By mixing patterns and textures, the living room feels less like a graffiti wall and more like a well-designed hideaway.
2. Get neutral. With wooden end tables, a jute rug and hardwood floors, the room feels balanced in all the right places.
3. Accent! Throws, pillows and artwork are the perfect opportunity to marry colors that might not carry the room alone.

Happy color blocking!

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Why Don’t You…?

[Image Credit: Inside Out via From The Right Bank]

… decorate with hundreds and hundreds of old postcards?

In junior high, I vowed to save every piece of mail I’d ever received. Pen pals were all the rage, so after a few short years, I’d gathered quite the collection of XOXO’s and WBS’s (write back soon, for those of you who aren’t hip to pen pal lingo). And on one steamy summer day, I wallpapered my entire bedroom with letters from my childhood.

My mother wasn’t happy, but I remember the inspiration I gained from glancing up to see handwritten scrawls, doodles and photos from my favorite friends. And now that my mother doesn’t call the shots, I’m happy to say I’d gladly tackle that same wall installation in my current bedroom.

If, of course, people actually wrote letters now. I suppose printed emails don’t have quite the same charm?

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The Art of Consistency

One of the decor theories I struggle with the most when it comes to planning a space is consistency. I'm a fickle person, so it's hard enough to settle on a style for each room, let alone a style for an entire home.

Yet after spotting this lovely Stockholm apartment from Emmas Designblogg, I've completely changed my tune. The elements are perfectly paired and balanced, utilizing a great deal of natural materials and clean minimalism.


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Inspiration: Peacock Feathers

Proud as a peacock?  Are peacocks really proud?  The peacocks at the zoo look kind of angry; sometimes curious and bored, a little frisky at times, but mostly angry.  Probably because all these dang people keep chasing them around, may have a little something to do with it. But they are gorgeous, incandescent and surreally vivid in a Tim Burton film sort-of-way.  My artist friend commented that she wish she could be brave enough to paint her kitchen in those incandescent colors. Maybe knowing that he is the only one who can pull off such strong beauty is the reason that peacock is so proud.

We shouldn’t be afraid of colors.  Every time we walk into our living room we should be proud of the color on the walls—even if it frightens our guests.

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