Could You Live In A Water Tower?

If you’d have asked me yesterday if it were possible to convert a water tower into a show-stopping residence, I’d likely laugh. Yet today, the joke’s on me after spotting this gorgeous London water tower home…


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Another Country at Bistrotheque London

The handcrafted furniture of Another Country is elegant in its intentional simplicity. Each piece, made by hand from environmentally responsible materials. Watch this beautiful video about the craft and process of Another Country.

Beautiful to look at as well as experience. For the re-vamp of the trend setting East London restaurant Bistrotheque, Another Country was asked to provide dramatic, contiguous lengths of their Bespoke Benches with backs, finished in a hand applied black lacquer. Just look at the glorious result.

“Our designs are archetypal, calling on the familiar and unpretentious forms of British Country kitchen style, Shaker, traditional Scandinavian and Japanese woodwork for inspiration. We endeavor to re-interpret the spirit and functionality of these honest forms of furniture for a modern customer.  We endeavour to produce our product and run our business at the most sustainable level possible. We source timber that is FSC certified from either UK, European and US suppliers, manufacture in workshops in the UK and Europe, pack and deliver directly to you.We intend for our product to last and we do everything possible to give them longevity.”

From upholstered pieces, such as their Day Bed 1, which is an instant classic, to stools, tables and even accessories, their line is growing carefully and briskly. Be sure to check out their work on their website:  Another Country.

Images and excerpts sourced at Another Country

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The Adria

The new Adria hotel is opening in London. Housed in a historic Victorian townhouse built in 1870, it introduces a true boutique hospitality experience to Central London. A 24 bedroom hotel, Adria has been designed as a residence with rooms portraying individual atmospheres of British tradition. Appropriately, there is a sense of whimsey applied to the naming conventions of the rooms. Rooms are not “numbered”, but “lettered” with “A” being Adria, each room follows alphabetically so you can stay in the Bowler (B), the Croquet (C), the Downing (D), the Elizabeth (E)-  you get the picture.

When looking through photographs of the newly completed spaces, I was taken by the subtle modern application of pattern. In traditional interiors, there is often formal use of patterning which is repeated on various elements in the space. The Adria has taken this approach and layered tactile elements such as upholstery, drapery, headboards, and wallpaper, in a beautiful, fluid and graceful organic pattern. Because of the varied texture and location of these visual bursts of activity, be it sat upon, or looked at across the room, the repetition is balanced and harmonious. Lovely. I believe it supports the stated intent of being a ‘second home’ creating intimacy and comfort.

This is a technique that can be implemented at home as well. There are many collections which offer a textile, as well as wallpaper, which can be used to create a similar room scene. Don’t limit yourself to the expected. Lampshades, bedding and window treatments  are easily constructed from these products as well. Keep the backdrop and color palette plain and simple, which will allow these patterns to read and play against one another. Have fun!

Images sourced at The Adria Hotel.

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La Suite West

The moment I saw this image I knew. Anouska Hempel was at it again. You see, while on my honeymoon 15 years ago, I sat in front of a fireplace very much in the spirit of this. I stayed at the Hempel Hotel. It was new, modern, and making waves in the media. It was the first London boutique hotel of its kind, nestled in a residential area, blending with its surroundings so well it seemed invisible to the passerby. It was the best kept secret around.

Anouska Hempel has designed and managed three award winning boutique hotels (Blakes London, Blakes Amsterdam, and The Hempel). Her signature style shines again in the new La Suite West Hotel. “Located on a quiet street on the edge of London’s magnificent Hyde Park,  close to the West End and Paddington”. The aesthetic of “La Suite West…takes the shape of a stark temple of black and white, where clean lines meet sharp angles and sculptural forms. A corridor of inky-black marble floors leads guests up to an unusually long white marble reception desk. In the garden, crisp lines and sculptural forms that characterize the hotels interior are echoed in meticulously pruned plants, trees and hedges.” It is absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for that anniversary trip, don’t you think?

Images sourced at the architects website:
Excerpts sourced at La Suite West website:

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A+ Architecture: Times Eureka Pavilion

Some of my favorite buildings and structures are those that reflect their surroundings in a perfectly-planned, artistic fashion. And in the case of the Times Eureka Pavilion in London’s Botanical Gardens of Kew, “artistically fashioned” is a massive understatement.


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