Two Looks, Two Rooms, One Shop

You've heard the golden rule of decor, yes? That you can't purchase everything from the same place for fear your rooms will look like they're carbon copies of your local showroom? Throw that rule out the window. In fact, throw every golden rule out the window, because it's not about rules. Decorating is about what you love, and it's a personal, beautiful thing. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

And just to drive that point home, I've created two rooms using key pieces from just one shop. Of course, it's a pretty eclectic shop, so my job was easy. But it's entirely do-able with any store, with a few helpful hints:

[image credits here, all from anthropologie]

1. Mix styles.
Sure, we've got a pretty French, typographic chair above, but it absolutely sings when paired with a modern, muted paint swatch curtain and a few industrial magnifying glasses.

[image credits here, all from anthropologie]

2. Mix periods.
The sweet vase above could easily be an antique, while the octopus curtains are clearly a modern interpretation of a vintage sketch. Keep things fresh by bringing in surprising finds from different eras. Bonus? Your home will never look dated.

3. Mix finishes.
Brass and wood, silver and gold, metal and pewter. Mix and match your favorite textures, finishes and sheens for a layered look that's clearly unique, personal, and you.

Are you sensing a trend here? Mix, match and have fun. Go forth and make your homes beautiful, friends!

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Achieve the Look

Do you find yourself wondering where FLOR gets some of  the cool furniture and props seen in the catalog? Well, you're not alone. People seem to love the 'FLOR style" and want to know how to bring that aesthetic into their own homes. The tricky part is, we shoot nearly all of our photography in real people's homes, which means we don’t always have access to knowing where they’ve acquired all of the beautiful fixtures that adorn their space. While we may not be able to tell you all the items, we can share a few of them. During the Spring 2010 catalog shoot one of our prop stylist was given the task of tracking down some of the homeowners possessions along with recording any props that were used on set. This is what she was able to track down for us…… oodles-of-poodles Furniture Chairs: Eli Wyn custom chairs Fabric: Holland & Sherry Ottoman: custom Alvivo upholstery Props Tea set: Eva Zeisel from Bloomingdale’s Take a Ribbing - Copper Furniture Chairs: Paolo Deganello Torso Armchair by Cassina Velvet Rope - Celery Furniture Couch : Custom by Densie Macey Designs Fabric : Great Plains Table (Brass round mirrored top) : Vintage French Bistro Table from Pavilion in Chicago Table ( Tree branch leg): antique Chair (Grey slipper): by A. Rudin Fabric: Great Plains Armchair ( Dot motif/wooden framed): Custom through Densie Macey Designs Fabric: Bergamo Modern Mix - Tan Furniture Bed: unknown End table: Vintage Japanese tansu chest, personal collection of homeowner – purchased at flea market in Tokyo, Japan Chair/Stool: 19th century Chinese chair purchased from Artemis, Hong Kong, China Hanging Lamp (from ceiling) : Jeremy Cole Table Lamp: Portaroma Artwork Photo (above the bed) : Contemporary Swedish Artist, Gunnel Wahlstrand, represented by www.andrehn-schiptjen Stockholm, Sweden Props Shoes/Box : Burberry from Nordstrom Dress (on bed) : Vintage from Store B in Chicago Grey Throw (on bed): Calvin Klein from Macy’s Walk the Line - Pebble Furniture Chaise lounge: Formations through Holly Hunt Inc. Curtains: Fabrication of drapes thru Zirlin Interiors of Chicago Fabric: Nancy Corzine All photos provided by

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