6 Things You Can Make With Recycled Magazines

Do you have five or ten (or more!) years' worth of magazines languishing on shelves, in closets, under the bed? Perhaps some people really do flip through back issues; however, if you're like me, all those old decor and cooking mags are just taking up space and gathering dust. Personally, I have decided that it's time to set them free but if you're not quite ready to part with yours yet, here's another solution: transform them into something else for your home! Here are six fun DIY projects…

Above: Recycled Magazine Mirror – Inspired by a mirror sold at Urban Outfitters, fleetingthing created this budget-friendly project using an IKEA mirror, cardboard, glue, and magazines.

For those who have a bunch of National Geographic magazines lying around, check out this Magazine Shelf designed by Sean Miller! (via Inhabitat)

At left, a Magazine Reed Box; see the tutorial at CraftStylish. At right, a Garbage Can made by lovething at Craftster. The project comes from The Big-Ass Book of Crafts by Mark Montano.

Featured at Re-Nest, this Table or plant stand requires nothing more than magazines and a few minutes – no glue or scissors required!

Do you have any other good uses for old magazines?

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