Sculptural Felt

Felt is tactile, natural, and can be dyed in a myriad of colors. Its uses are many, from clothing to handbags and hats. Felt provides the opportunity to create form, given its thickness and memory. Anne Kyrro Quinn’s innovative work with felt includes lighting, bags, throws and cushions, as well as large scale installations custom made for restaurants and public spaces. These wall panels combine acoustic management while creating striking sculptural displays. Below are images of a few of Anne’s three dimensional works of art. I could imagine these as a beautiful solution to soften a residential environment as well, providing artwork on the wall, a bit of warmth, and the benefit of softening the sounds of thunderous feet and voices.

Images sourced at Contemporist.

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This beautiful handmade collection by Hasami, is a studied exercise in form and proportion. ‘Simple geometry and the concept of modularity is the basis for this new porcelain dinnerware.’  Made in Japan, it was not conceived following prescribed forms and functions (dinner plate, soup bowl, etc.). Rather, the collection consists of plates and bowls of various sizes that can be used interchangeably to both eat and serve. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?  Choose the best tool for the task at hand. The best part? Behold, the collection is perfectly stackable and a feast for the eyes. Beautiful to display, and what a joy to utilize for one’s ritual of the daily meal.

Images and excerpts sourced at Mill Mercantile

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Another Country at Bistrotheque London

The handcrafted furniture of Another Country is elegant in its intentional simplicity. Each piece, made by hand from environmentally responsible materials. Watch this beautiful video about the craft and process of Another Country.

Beautiful to look at as well as experience. For the re-vamp of the trend setting East London restaurant Bistrotheque, Another Country was asked to provide dramatic, contiguous lengths of their Bespoke Benches with backs, finished in a hand applied black lacquer. Just look at the glorious result.

“Our designs are archetypal, calling on the familiar and unpretentious forms of British Country kitchen style, Shaker, traditional Scandinavian and Japanese woodwork for inspiration. We endeavor to re-interpret the spirit and functionality of these honest forms of furniture for a modern customer.  We endeavour to produce our product and run our business at the most sustainable level possible. We source timber that is FSC certified from either UK, European and US suppliers, manufacture in workshops in the UK and Europe, pack and deliver directly to you.We intend for our product to last and we do everything possible to give them longevity.”

From upholstered pieces, such as their Day Bed 1, which is an instant classic, to stools, tables and even accessories, their line is growing carefully and briskly. Be sure to check out their work on their website:  Another Country.

Images and excerpts sourced at Another Country

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