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A gorgeous new furniture collection by Ruben Toledo has been introduced by RalphPucci. One of my personal go-to’s for furniture classics, Pucci’s studio has an interesting history, as it was founded as a mannequin company by his parents in the l950′s. Operating in a spacious loft on West 18th Street in NYC, highly stylized and artful mannequins are designed, manufactured and unveiled yearly. This history has fueled a successful connection to fine furniture, and a noteworthy collection.

Pictured above are examples of ‘Ruben Toledo’s furniture collection. ‘Born in Havana, Cuba in 1960, he moved to New York with his family when he was just a child. He is painter, sculptor, illustrator, reporter and fashion chronicler, as well as surrealist wit of great renown. The continuous, sudden changes of fashion and the body language of style are two constant themes of his work which is naturally inspired by a Latin flavor, but which is also strictly connected with the American pop culture for its capability of modern synthesis.’

‘Ruben Toledo is the author of the famous Style Dictionary, a collection of unforgettable images which, under the form of drawings and watercolors, meld fashion at its most ephemeral with style at its most abiding. Ruben designed his first mannequin for Ralph Pucci in 1988 and continues to this day to work on new projects. His most recent project, hand painted surreal and whimsical images in limited edition on Ralph Pucci Furniture (two) in 2012 was called “historic” by N.Y. Magazine design editor Wendy Goodman.’

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In addition to contemporary furniture introductions, Pucci hold rights to many of the well known classics. ‘Pucci gained the exclusive rights to the French Ecart collection, featuring the authentic reproductions of Pierre Chareau, Eileen Grey and Jean Michel Frank and expanded the collections to include designs of award winning Chris Lehrecke, Patrick Naggar, Paul Mathieu, Jerome Abel Seguin, Christophe Delcourt and the French design team Nathalie du Luart and Delphine Vendel. He soon added the rug designs of Christopher Farr, whose artists include Alegra Hicks, Kate Blee, Madeline Weinrub and the estate of Gunta Stolzl. Pucci later gained the rights to the classic furniture designs of multi-award winner, Vladimir Kagan, as well as, designs of Kevin Walz and Robert Bristow. Internationally known designer Jens Risom’s classic designs are part of the Pucci collections. Pucci added collections by Vicente Wolf, along with collections of French designers Eric Schmitt, Herve Van der Straeten, India Mahdavi and California designer, William Emmerson. Pucci also introduced one of a kind, rare pieces by Philippe Hiquily and rare sculptures by Jean-Claude Farhi. His long association with Andree Putman has produced several collections. In 2001, Pucci introduced a new collection of ceramic vessels by London artist, Abigail Simpson, woven Vessels by Jonathan Klein were later added. In 2002, the exclusive lighting designs of David Weeks were introduced with 4 subsequent collections added. In the last years additional collections were added, a group of contemporary quilts were designed by Denise Schmitt, glass vessels designed by Lianne Gold were added and fiber art by Dana Barnes.’

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