Color Palette Perfection

The color of our world. In this case, impactful and fanciful-  A creative advertising campaign for Sherwin Williams recently premiered, and definitely caught my attention.  I saw an advertisement on television, and went to the web to find out more about the artistry behind the project. It was created by the folks at the McKinney Ad Agency, and all the amazing 3D animations designed and directed by Buck NY. I highly recommend taking a moment to view the beautiful videos of these stills in motion on the McKinney website by clicking here. I was taken by the color reference made to nature through the renderings of these lovely shorts. The gradation of color on each representative hue of the fan-deck is enhanced through the color story told, and application to the subject in each story. There is time in the sequence to focus on the independent colors in the line, yet it is fluid enough to absorb the greater palette and range of color. I am impressed and enamored with this campaign.

Images found at McKinney

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