Copenhagen Modern

The home of artist Pia Moller. Sophisticated. Understated. Modern. The graphic lines and high contrast palette of this Copenhagen home create a lovely backdrop for Pia’s collections. The shoe “display” on the staircase and monochromatic clothing are so beautifully presented, you would hate to tuck them away in the closet. The space has a comfortable and lived in feel, despite its modernity. The furniture in the space draws from industrial pieces as well as midcentury modern collections. It works.

I find the kitchen and office especially comfortable. The restraint and simplicity create a tranquility of environment I find welcoming. These spaces in the home where we come to work, be it cooking or writing or creating, are most productive when they offer a blank canvas if you will, with room to fill. The space does not compete with the function, and is not decorated; rather it is outfitted handsomely with well suited, purposeful and beautiful elements of function. Those industrial vintage stools are the perfect unique addition to the space.

The understated beauty of this space is not void of detail. The wide plank floors provide warmth and texture, and seem to be the perfect counterpoint to the stark black and white interior, and crisp lines. There are moments of ornate detail as well, such as the fireplace grate framed simply as an art object, the wood cornice, and the incredible character of the original metal windows. This is a home I would love to call my own.


FoundĀ here.
Photo Credit: Femina/Tina Stephansen Studio 55 and Stylist: Mira Wohlk




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