Midcentury Modern Vacation Home

Ahhh, the warmth of Spring is beginning to grace us, and with it comes thoughts of time outdoors, relaxing and entertaining. This beautiful vacation home in Amagansett is a picture perfect setting to capture the essence of summer. A renovation by Bates Masi & Architects of a Midcentury Modern home, it is light filled and warm, incorporating reused and repurposed material choices, and unexpected yet classic furniture. Delightfully understated this estate is Athena and Victor Calderone’s Hampton home. The design of the home was carefully considered, and maintains the wonderful qualities of the mid-century architecture. The interior is designed by Athena herself, and  is an eclectic collection of flea market finds and one of a kinds. It works. Sure says summer to me.

Images and excerpts sourced at Trendland.

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Will Ferrell’s Renovated West Village Loft

Will Ferrell’s Manhattan loft is a light, bright family home for he and his wife, and their three children. Designed by Shawn Henderson, it is furnished with modern classics and a colorful and graphic art collection. The loft is located in a ‘converted Victorian-era printing factory, and is nearly 2,800 square feet.’ Since purchasing in 2010, the Ferrrell’s completely renovated the space, updating bathrooms, the kitchen and floors.’  I personally love the serenity of the tonal palettes selected for the decor of each room. The grey tones of teh family room and master bedroom are calming and appropriately simple for the loft space they inhabit. The bright white of the main space allows the art and color in the furniture to ‘pop’ and function as accents in the large open space. The dark kitchen counters work well with the structure of the space in black, creating a framework defining the implied rooms of the space without using walls, based on their function and use. The Ferrell family designed some very comfortable urban digs, I have to believe filled with lots of happiness and laughter.

Images sourced at Architectural Digest

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Collection: Greta Magnusson Grossman

Grossman’s own residence, on Claircrest Drive in Beverly Hills. Image

Architect Greta Magnusson Grossman’s work is virtually unknown. Born in Sweeden, she moved from Stockholm to Los Angeles in the late 1930′s. She was a rising star, in a male dominated profession. Beautiful lines, sculptural forms, and a refined simplicity, her work reflects sophisticated detail and proportion.  Since 1998, R Gallery of 20th Century Design in New York City, has been committed to the preservation of Grossman’s vital contributions to 20th century design. The gallery houses a large portion of her estate, including original drawings and photographs.  ”She was definitely ahead of her time.  She was successful at incorporating new materials such as Formica into her designs. And there’s a sense of composition in her work that you don’t see elsewhere – this sense of lightness, with the pieces of furniture that seem to be floating on these bug-like legs. Her work seems almost animated in that way.”  ”Grossman’s most enduring work in Los Angeles came in the form of her built architectural commissions. Between 1949 and 1959 Grossman designed at least fourteen homes in Los Angeles, one in San Francisco and one back in her native Sweden. Of these, at least ten are still standing. The homes were often perched on stilts at the top of a hill, overlooking a canyon, with magnificent views through curtain walls of glass. The homes featured extensive built-in shelving and the uniquely open and free flowing floor plan popular at the time. She worked several times with celebrated landscape architect Garrett Eckbo on the outdoor spaces. Grossman’s houses are designed to the diminutive scale of the Los Angeles based Case Study House program — most of them have a footprint of less than 1,500 square feet . Her architectural work, as well as her design work, was featured extensively in Arts & Architecture, the magazine edited by Case Study program founder John Entenza.”


All images and excerpts sourced at R Gallery, unless otherwise noted.

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Mid Century Modern for Kids

Earlier this week I had some fun reviewing the Mid Century Modern design aesthetic and how we can interpret that in a more modern way in our homes.  Now I am excited to extend these observations to the kids room.  One might argue that babies don’t need anything but a place to sleep, some clothes to keep them warm and food.  It is the argument we all make when we are knee deep in trying to create a space for a newborn that we all know could care less about how their nursery is designed…or if they even HAVE a nursery for that matter.


I will however deign to say that while a baby may not care about design aesthetic, parents sometimes do.  And sometimes what you need at the end of a long day of spit ups, projectile fill-in-the-blanks, tantrums and picky eating is a serene place where you as a parent can relax and refocus.  The focus on form introduced in the Mid Century is pleasing because of its attention to beauty and simplicity in design.  Now what parent can’t appreciate some beauty and simplicity in their life?


These featured nurseries all do a bang-up job of highlighting Mid Century Modern design while keeping the rooms fresh and modern.  Whether it is a gray-as-neutral color palate with pops of yellow like above, or the reliance on natural wood and crisp lines as in the space below, Mid Century Modern can fit well into an array of lifestyles.


I’m not sure there is anything more on trend than the beautiful, interactive wall paper and chalk-board half-wall in the space below.  Combing those things with a Mid Century Modern feel in the rest of the space, keeps the whole thing from being to trendy.


And this cheery space feels that much more mature with its attention to Mid Century Modern elements in the details.


The great thing about Mid Century Modern pieces is that they fit well into most any space regardless of the rest of the design.  Whether it be a sleek crib…


…a fanciful mobile…


…a cozy rocker…


…a kids chair…


…or bunk beds for the twins…


…Mid Century Modern pieces abound and are ready to transform your space.

Do you have a Mid Century Modern nursery or kids room?

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St. Charles Cabinets

St. Charles Cabinetry has been chosen for some of the most celebrated residences in America. Legendary 20th-century homes, such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House (above),  were designed with St. Charles Cabinetry . For those of us with mid-century modern homes, when faced with a kitchen remodel, we have often gone to great lengths to restore our existing St. Charles cabinets, and source additional cabinets through dealers or even on ebay. When we moved into our 1950′s ranch, we had the St. Charles cabinets original to our home electrostatic painted. When we purchased the house, the cabinets were peach. We painted them original high gloss white. They are as good as new, and it was quite a transformation.

St. Charles cabinets are worth restoring. They are tough, steel cabinets which stand the test of time. They are simple and timeless, and inherently modern. These cabinets are designed and built in the U.S., and are made from 70% recycled content, and the finished product is 98% recyclable. Doesn’t get any better than that. Or does it?

St. Charles Cabinets are now owned by Viking. This is great news for those looking to do restoration work, or even install a new simple, timeless, modern kitchen. I was thrilled to learn that Richard Meier is leading the charge with a new generation of architects choosing St. Charles Cabinetry for their projects. With the reintroduction, enhancements to the original design make this classic hard to resist.  Finish options have been expanded to include a palette of stainless steel and 24 powdercoat paint finishes, glass fronts, modernized storage options and base cabinets that even arrive prewired for lighting.

Check them out at:  http://www.stcharlescabinets.com
Farnsworth image found at  http://www.stcharlescabinets.com

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