Brad Pitt’s Malibu Home

Brad Pitt’s dreamy midcentury modern home is currently on the market in Malibu. It is sleek, low and long, and is sited waterfront with spectacular views. The homes updated interior features classic and collectible midcentury furniture. In contrast, the kitchen has an industrial influence, with a raw steel dining table, stainless steel cabinetry and and glass work surfaces. This place is perfect for entertaining both large crowds spilling out onto the property, and intimate gatherings enjoying the view. My favorite elements in this home provide the homeowner the ability to blurr the lines between inside and out. True to its midcentury modern roots, this is achieved in the living area with a series of sliding glass panels, opening a large expanse of the exterior wall to connect to a deck running the length of the building. The exposed concrete structure provides the structural integrity needed to open up such a large expanse of glass, column free. Additionally, a fabulous garage door ‘wall’ connects the garden to the kitchen, providing flexibility of space use and maximum light. These simple gestures, in a climate such as this where the out of doors can be enjoyed most months of the year, create a sense of space and useable square footage much greater than the footprint of the building itself. Access to this beautiful outdoor space, both functionally as well as visibly connected, allow Mr. Pitt’s home to live large. Absolutely lovely!

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Julianne Moore’s West Village Home

Understated. Minimal. Elegant. I love this home. Julianne Moore’s West Village apartment in New York City is so comfortable and livable, it reminds me of the qualities I adored in my own Brooklyn home. The vintage details of a prewar building, great light and well proportioned space, are the perfect backdrop to this modern collection of art and furniture. Although this space is simple, it possesses a wonderful spirit of the unexpected. If you look closely, you will spot some recognizable, but not overused vintage pieces. Did you notice the repurposed Florence Knoll credenza in the bathroom? What a creative solution for a narrow space, providing lots of storage and a double bowl sink. Floating the tub in the center of the space creates a ‘furniture-like’ focal point. Brilliant! The neutral palette of greys blacks and whites, are perfect with the mid-value wide plank wood floors, throughout the space. A very homey urban retreat.

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Collectible Bowls by Bob Stocksdale

Personally, I adhere to the modernist mantra of objects of necessity and usefulness as foundation for the decor of the home. While perusing 1stdibs recently, I came across a stunning collection of useable art, a series of gorgeous handmade bowls by Bob Stocksdale. Signed by the artist, these vessels will only increase in value over time, with enjoyment and care. Perfect to display, offering interest to the space, as well as a wonderful conversation piece, they are worthy of our affection and tending. I love the subtle textural quality resulting from the inherent character of each wood species. Carefully inscribed on the base of each basin for the curious to discover the secret beauty of these wooden treasures. Each bowl a different shape and size, responding I believe, to the nature of the material and the patterning offered. What a gift.

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Bruno Mars’ Hollywood Hills Home

This lovely Hollywood Hills Midcentury home was recently purchased by Bruno Mars. It seems a fitting choice for the young man who has an affection for the glamour and modernity of the period. Interestingly, it is not decorated to feel like a step back in time and filled with midcentury antiques, but rather outfitted in a classic, simple and comfortable way, suitable for entertaining, and very livable day to day. Although this is obviously a gorgeous and expensive property, I find the absence of overt opulence refreshing. The interior is modern and timeless; my impression of its lucky owner.

Some simple design gestures have a big impact on this space. Contrast in the floors and walls of dark and light, provide definition. The furnishings support this, with dark wood details, and upholstery in white. The strong connection to the exterior, providing great light and breathtaking views of the Hollywood Hills, is exemplary of the midcentury period, and perfect for taking in the sunsets of this incredible site. My favorite elements throughout the home are the voice of the storyteller providing connection to the Midcentury period, through careful placement of black and white photography. Hollywood legends and no doubt sources of inspiration for this rising star. A lovely source of personalization and history.

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Infuse some fun…

Modern interiors offer the opportunity to express form and color in dynamic and unexpected ways. This New York City home does just that. The way we design our living spaces, impacts our behavior. Take this engaging layout above. Wouldn’t you just love to load up this space with friends? The form demands our focus not only in the room, but on those gathered. Building a sense of community, there’s no way to be a wallflower at this party!

This beautiful home is filled with design classics ranging from Mies van der Rohe, to Cherner. Yet, this space is anything but expected. Combinations of old and new as well as a neutral backdrop of exquisite detail and restraint, make it fresh and oh-so inviting. Did you notice the elegant and perfectly proportioned custom stair railing?  It defines the space and provides structure to the room, emphasizing the connection between floors, and functions.

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