A Suitcase DIY You’ve Never Seen!

Vintage suitcases are all the rage these days, and I feel like I’ve seen them in every possible reiteration: nightstands, pet beds, end tables – even planters. Yet after stumbling upon this image of Ki Nassauer’s living room, I’ll never look at an average suitcase DIY the same way:

Yes, that’s right. Vintage suitcases turned into shelving! Genius idea, and brilliant execution. I love how the vintage tones and textures of the suitcase sing against a muted blue wall, perfectly styled with quirky accessories and a mid-century credenza. The look just screams personal style, doesn’t it?

What do you think, friends? Would you try this look in your home – and do you have the patience to find the perfect vintage suitcases for the job? Spill in the comment section below!

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