More Ikea Curtain Upgrading

Yup…I’m back on a Thursday to chat, once again, about curtains.  You’d think making tab-top curtains into grommet-top curtains would be enough DIY crazy-ness for me, but I had one more trick up my sleeve.

You see…when I first pulled together the inspiration board for my son’s big-boy room, I was in. love. with those green Mimosa Curtains from Zgallerie

…so bold, so the perfect green, so graphic, so statement making…so way too expensive for a kids room.  The more I thought about it, the more I decided that while they were totally awesome in their bold, green, graphic, statement making-ness…they were a bit too grown-up for my son’s room.  I wanted something with a touch of bold, green, graphic, statement making-ness…the key was figuring out how to get it.

Not long after I gave up on my beloved Mimosa curtains, I became transfixed with the idea of wide stripes incorporated into curtains.  There were several gorgeous examples of this around the web for inspiration but the one that really held my heart was this one found over at Sarah Macklem’s blog, The Yellow Cape Cod.  They were bold and graphic and fun and totally awesome…

…but I was still smitten with those Mimosa curtains from Zgallerie.

Then, one night while I was flipping through my Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts book, I came across a tutorial for these amazing color block shower curtains:

EUREKA!!!  I thought.  I love the linen.  And I love the wiiiiiiide blocks of color.  What if I did a wide block of the Mimosa curtains at the bottom of standard, linen curtains?  I immediately headed to Pinterest to look up some wide stripe curtain inspiration and came across these lovely examples:

(found on Song of Style and credited to Lonny Magazine, but without any further linkage)

I will admit…when I came across the above picture of a playspace designed by Vanessa De Vargas of Turquoise, an LA based design firm, I was smitten.  It is the perfect amount of whimsey, not to mention, the perfect ratio of linen to pattern.  So…I found myself a great set of halfway-decent, relatively-inexpensive linen drapes from Ikea, cut off the tab tops and made it a grommet top, and then went about adding about a third to the length by way of a pair of the Mimosa curtains from Zgallerie  (using the block shower curtain instructions from the Sewing Book) and here’s the final result:

I’m so in love with how these came out and even more in love with the fact that I got to have a fun, graphic drape in my son’s room without having to shell out for four panels of the too-expensive-for-my-blood Mimosa panels.

Have you ever modified store-bought curtains to further customize them?

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