Modern Landscape


A formal Garden? Yes, pruned trees and hedges, but no symmetry  found here. Spheres, of varied shades of green are a modern twist on an age old concept. Why does it work? The repetitive singular variety of shrub, but of varied tone, planted  en masse does the trick. A lot of one thing, densely populated in an area creates a sculptural presentation. Eye catching, and oh so simple.

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A Perfect Home

Friends, I do believe I’ve found my perfect home:

From the consistent use of reclaimed wood to the minimalist concrete floors, I’ve fallen hard for this gorgeous Skona Hem home. What’s not to love about wide-planked white ceilings and the perfect blend of rustic and industrial?

Of course, the kitchen is indeed a sight in itself. A soothing, monochromatic color palette is the perfect background for architectural layouts and a singular art piece. (I also have an unhealthy obsession with that sweet little trash can.)

And if you’re not completely convinced that this home is worthy of applause, I present a tiny corner loft with natural light and optimal space planning.

What do you think, friends? Could you see yourself in this stark home?

[Images: Skona Hem]

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When The Stars Align…

Ok all you Star Wars fans, meet Chicago designer, Mr. Justin Van Genderen.  His minimalist representations of these intergalactic planets are out of this world! 

At the time of the launch of the first Star Wars movie, I was about the age of my three boys.  I love the fact that they are completely taken by the imagination and imagery of the films now, just as I was then. Like the planets, our interest and stylistic preference are aligned. A minimalist design expression, and a classic film which we had the unique opportunity to experience through our eyes, as an 11 year old child. Pretty cool stuff.

I often struggle with the boys requests to hang posters in our home that are decidedly not aesthetically pleasing. Let me just say I am more than happy to display these beauties prominently. Really, they are as much for me as they are for them. This artwork is worthy of a proper frame. It can be enjoyed by all.

Take a look at Justin's collection. I believe the Minimalist Planet Posters were introduced in two separate series, but each poster can be purchased individually. I find the color combinations to be complex, the compositions beautifully balanced and the simplicity of presentation stunning.




For information about Justin and his design collection, click  HERE to check out his website.

All images courtesy of 2046 Design by Justin Van Genderen.

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