A Color Story – Mix & Match A Dining Room


Today’s A Color Story is all about mixing it up and getting comfortable with color and texture.  It’s not always easy for people to mix and match. It feels like it would be “off” or “clash”. Sometimes, this is true. And sometimes, it works. Over the years, I have found myself leaning towards a mix of color and texture and I now love the look and vibe of introducing items that {potentially} contrast. I spotted this gorgeous dining space and thought it was a great room to share a few tricks for getting comfy with different color and materials.

1)     Find the common denominator. It may not seem that there’s a balance here but there is and it’s in the clean lines of the furniture and décor. The table legs, chairs, bar and even the framed art work have clean, straight lines. This can really add balance to a space and make it feel harmonious.

2)     Pick your color palette. If you look closely, you will see that the room was designed with a color palette in mind. Reds, yellows and pops of blue are introduced throughout the small space. Even the flowers on the table stay inside the color palette. Consider adding elements in various color and texture that feel cohesive even through they are different.

3)     Embrace your whimsical side. Mixing and matching style is a fantastic way to share your personality though your décor. By following the first 2 tips, you can have a refined space so don’t fret about that. Enjoy the chance to let your style shine in your home.

4)     Clear is good. Don’t you love the addition of the Ghost chair in this dining room? I think it looks great and encourage you to add some type of “see-through” décor to your room when designing. Whether it’s this chair, a glass shelf, an acrylic console – adding décor that is a true neutral to your mixed style will ease some of the contrast. Also, this style of décor let’s your eyes move through the space

5)     Keep a neutral foundation. When mixing and matching color and material, consider keeping the foundation of the space neutral. This space has bright white walls and a clean wood floor – the perfect backdrop for the décor and furniture in the mix.

Do you mix and match in your home?  How do you design a space with different décor styles?

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