Warm Modern


Modern design is often thought of as cold or harsh. That need not be the case. If you are a fan of modern light filled rooms with simple clean lines, you can also enjoy a space that is warm and comfortable. Introducing a neutral palette of warm tonal whites, paired with mid value woods can create a welcoming and relaxing environment.



“In the Italian Alps, in the heart of South Tyrol, architects Vudafieri Saverino Partners designed a modern house which thanks to a thoughtful choice of materials and colour combinations blends seamlessly into its surroundings and proves warmly welcoming, reinterpreting the spare, almost monastic spirit of the typical buildings of the region. ”


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Hemeroscopium House

Prefab. Typically we think of prefab architecture as a construction technique used when producing multiple installations of exactly the same design. In the case of the Hemeroscopium house designed by Antón García-Abril of Ensamble Studio, prefab is redefined. The custom structure is constructed of prefabricated components, creating a unique and dramatic design. One large granite block holds this dynamic structure in place. Carefully engineered, in perfect balance, and absolutely breathtaking.

“It took us a year to engineer but only seven days to build the structure, thanks to a total prefabrication of the different elements and a perfectly coordinated rhythm of assembly. All of our effort oriented to develop the technique that would allow creating a very specific space. And thus, a new astonishing language is invented, where form disappears giving way to the naked space. Hemeroscopium house materializes the peak of its equilibrium with what in Ensamble Studio we ironically call the “G point”, a twenty ton granite stone, expression of the force of gravity and a physical counterweight to the whole structure.”

Images and excerpts sourced at the architects website: http://www.ensamble.info/actualizacion/ensamblestudio



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Coast Modern Film

Modern residential architecture on the West Coast is often a representation of the lifestyle, climate and environment unique to the region. I grew up in Portland Oregon, and some of the most beautiful modern homes, perched up on the hills overlooking the city, maintain a relaxed live-ability. Sometimes, it is due to the choice of materials for the project, other times the orientation and connection to the incredible landscape. No matter the expression, West Coast Modernism maintains its own distinct identity.

A new film titled Coast Modern explores Modernism of the region. The film  ”is an independent documentary by directors Mike Bernard and Gavin Froome. Travelling along the Pacific North West coastline from LA to Vancouver, the film showcases the pioneers of West Coast Modernist Architecture, and the homes that have become their legacies. Stepping inside the most inspired dwellings on the west coast, we feel how the light and space of a classic Modernist home can work in collaboration with the natural environment. Dion Neutra tells us that the way to live is to have ‘the comfort of being inside, yet you have the feeling of being outside’, and it is this established principle that contemporary Modernist architects are emulating and evolving.”

“This relaxed journey takes us across three generations of Modernist architecture, all finding beauty in their own times, and all taking us back to the basics of true living – a sense of place, light, and a deep connection to the earth. Interviewed in Coast Modern are some of the most respected names in architecture, including James Steele, Barbara Lamprecht, Ray Kappe, Hernik Bull, Pierluigi Serraino, Michael Folonis, Dion Neutra, Douglas Coupland, John Cava, Barbara Bestor and legendary photographer Julius Shulman.”

For more information about screenings visit http://coastmodernfilm.com. Film trailer and excerpts sourced at http://coastmodernfilm.com.


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Summer Wind

Imagine enjoying the Summer Wind on this lovely patio of the Farralone Estate. Completed in 1951, this is a beautiful example of modern architecture of the era. The Chatsworth, CA estate is on the market, priced at $12 million.”Sinatra rented the estate for nearly a decade, starting in the 1950s, during his Rat Pack years. He occupied the 10,000-square foot, four bedroom main house, which touts 16 foot walls of glass curtains and a 50 foot swimming pool just outside. The estate also boasts a 1,000-square foot, one bedroom guest house with a small pool of its own. Sinatra used to sublet the guesthouse to his friend: a blonde actress by the name of Marilyn Monroe. The swimming pool is alleged to be the site of one of the blonde bombshell’s last photo shoots, and more interestingly, the guesthouse is believed to be the alleged meeting spot for the late Monroe and President Jack Kennedy’s notorious reported affair.” Forbes The home was designed by Pereira & Luckman, architects famous for the Los Angeles International Airport and Pereira specifically for the Kennedy Center’s Studio Theater and the Transamerica Pyramid Building.

For more great images of this historic home visit:   Forbes



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You’ve Got My Number

This spring Heath Ceramics is introducing a drop-dead-gorgeous new line of house numbers. These 3-dimensional clay tiles celebrate the legendary Neutra and Eames number fonts. Of course they would be fitting on a midcentury modern house, in fact I'd love them on mine, but I can also imagine them gracing the interior of a home as each tile is a spectacular work of art.
Founded by Edith Heath in the mid-fourties, Heath ceramics is one of the few remaining mid-century american potteries still in existence today. They have been making tableware and tile for over a half-century in their Sausalito California studio. Their time honored process is one of quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. I believe every bit of the artful design and preparation of their work is reflected in the collectible pieces they produce. A glimpse into the tile making process for these newly introduced house numbers, gives us insight into their custom color development, and handcraft. All of Heath ceramics’ clay is made on-site. It’s extruded and cut into pieces in preparation for forming. The clay is pressed and then cut into specific sizes for an order. Edges of the tiles are hand finished and glazes are made on-site and applied by hand. A recognizable brand, I love the fact that the original box designed 40 years ago, is still used today. Timeless.
All images and excerpts,  Heath Ceramics.

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