Big Bold Unabashed Color


Big Bold Color. It demands space to empower a room. These stunning examples of large splashes of pigment speak to simple gestures, not letting the space get too busy but rather placing sculptural, singular elements of focus in the room. So dramatic, and full of energy. Notice how the floors are used in this color scheme?  All planes (walls, ceiling and floor) play off each other to become part of the composition. These spaces work so well because the saturation of hues are balanced.




“Designed by Gisbert Pöppler, The Hansaviertel Project is a full renovation of a private apartment owned by a prominent writer for the popular German television show “Verliebt in Berlin”. The property is tucked in the corner of a large modern apartment building, designed by Walter Gropius for the 1957 Interntational Building Exhibition, “Interbau”. As if intentionally planned to coincide with this important milestone, the renovation was completed just in time to celebrate the 90th year anniversary of this now classic modernist BAUHAUS experiment in urban living.” architectonic

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DIY, Ready Made Curtain

Now this is my kind of DIY project. A system of parts, completely customizable to work with your individual decor, and simple enough to put together and hang in an afternoon. ‘Greater than the sum of its parts: ‘Ready Made Curtain’ by the celebrated Bouroullec brothers for Kvadrat comes in kit form.’  Of course, this simple idea is a brilliant example of a low cost design solution, with an elegant and sophisticated result. Not afraid to roll up your sleeves, and add your own signature design statement? This could prove to be a lot of fun.


Images and excerpt sourced at Phaidon

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Rattan gone MOD

Traditionally, Rattan has been used as an appropriate solution for a sunroom or enclosed porch. These modern interpretations transcend the typical and expected. I can imagine these beauties in my living room, eating area or a sunny reading spot. Even better, these maintenance free pieces can be used inside or out. A welcome addition to the garden. Given their interesting form, these sculptural elements can be appreciated from every angle, and certainly can hold their own as a focal point in a space. Unique, textural, and modern.

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Tonfisk Design

Tonfisk Design is a Finnish design group with an eye for modern and innovative design solutions. Each product is developed to solve a functional problem, beautifully. ’All Tonfisk’s ceramics are produced by hand at Tonfisk’s own factory in Turku to ensure good quality, the possibility to innovate and the well being of those who make a Tonfisk product.’ The Warm Collection offers a coffee and tea set. I am impressed by the sleek, minimal design aesthetic, but even more so with its practical and sustainable design solutions. The wood sleeve keeps the hot crafe elevated, so there is no need for a coaster. It also functions as a barrier, providing insulation to the vessel within, and to your hand as you hold it. The all natural cork stopper provides insulation and heat retention as well. The Newton cream and sugar set is another great example of Tonfisk’s inspired product design. The sugar bowl remains horizontal while pouring, and can easily be removed for filling the creamer and cleaning. All of these design elements aside, these dispensers and collectors are elegant additions to any table top. Enjoy.

Images and excerpts sourced at Tonfisk.

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The Modern Bus Stop

Provide shelter from the elements. Seems simple enough. Yet, more often than not, the every-town, every-day bus shelter is a bit, well, uninspired. Fear not. The  Vitra Design Museum  in Germany, has a knock your socks off bus stop to welcome visitors or provide respite after a day in the galleries. Inspired. Modern. Functional. Even the seating in this protected enclosure is classic and modern. Eiffel Wire Chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames. Perfect.

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