Simply Stated

This drop dead gorgeous kitchen is a wonderful source of inspiration for simple gestures in small spaces. It has an understated feel, restrained color palette, and a “not-too-much-going-on” appeal. While the color scheme is simple, the stained wood and the grid of the backsplash tile offer a subtle textural element in the space. My favorite design statement is the DIY solution for pendant lighting. Brilliant! An inexpensive, interesting and powerful presence in the space.

The eclectic collection of chairs, artwork and objects in the living area give a personality and warmth to this modern home. The rustic quality of the table is a great textural addition, yet it is beautifully integrated by painting it white, blending in with the surrounding walls, and managing its visual impact. The details are what make the difference. Did you notice the plumbing fixtures in the shower and at the sink are simple, expressed brass plumbing fittings? Love it.

Photography: Anna Kern via Sköna Hem via Solid Frog

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Rock a Bye…

Most of us have had the opportunity to console a baby with soothing, repetitive movement at some point in our life. Some of us have had the challenge of doing so while fatigued, stumbling around in the depth of the night with a colicky baby, and feeling like our legs just might give way. This simple modern tandem rocker is a brilliant example of user driven design. It solves a very real problem, giving both caregiver and baby an opportunity to relax a moment, together. It is designed without gender reference, and without unnecessary adornment. Pure solution driven function. I wish I had this for my boys. Now, why didn’t I think of that?

Images of Rockid found here.

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Infuse some fun…

Modern interiors offer the opportunity to express form and color in dynamic and unexpected ways. This New York City home does just that. The way we design our living spaces, impacts our behavior. Take this engaging layout above. Wouldn’t you just love to load up this space with friends? The form demands our focus not only in the room, but on those gathered. Building a sense of community, there’s no way to be a wallflower at this party!

This beautiful home is filled with design classics ranging from Mies van der Rohe, to Cherner. Yet, this space is anything but expected. Combinations of old and new as well as a neutral backdrop of exquisite detail and restraint, make it fresh and oh-so inviting. Did you notice the elegant and perfectly proportioned custom stair railing?  It defines the space and provides structure to the room, emphasizing the connection between floors, and functions.

Images sourced at designer’s website.


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Modern: In Black and White

Designing with black and white can create drama and a visually powerful space. It requires a thoughtful and deliberate approach, positioning objects in such a way that they are read in contrast. The design work of Architect Joseph Dirand, is a gorgeous example of this stylistic approach. It offers an unparalleled simplicity, which suggests a carefully curated experience of space. When I look at these images, I find myself focusing on each object and its artful position in the room, as part of the overall composition. Really, isn’t that how we experience space? As we walk through a doorway and into a room, we are positioned to see a layering of objects, which creates our impression of the space. When designing with black and white, the limited palette allows us to focus on the details, and minimize the chaos or “noise” in the room. Try it. Take a black and white photograph of your room. When you look at it this way, it helps to understand the level of contrast in the space, and the powerful opportunity it provides to design.

Images of the work of Joseph Dirand sourced on the Architects website.

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Fabulous and Baroque

I’m the first to admit that traditional baroque furniture is not typically found in my personal design vocabulary. While paging through, I discovered these handcrafted reproduction furniture pieces by Austin Texas based ‘Fabulous and Baroque‘. With a strong classic foundation, they are excellent examples of modern design. Interpreted with a heavy, expressive, chunky scale, an unconventional color and finish selection, and luxurious fabrics, I believe this furniture line has successfully pulled off a tough design assignment. I find this collection to be in the spirit of the masters of the genre- Stylistic influence of Marcel Wanders, and similarly the Bourgie table lamp Ferruccio Laviani by Kartel. The designers boast they have created pieces built to last a lifetime, with careful attention to detail and craftsmanship.

The headboard above is a modern and luxurious.”With its intricate and elaborate carvings, this luxurious mahogany, hand-carved Royal Fortune French black lacquer platform bed is the ultimate piece of furniture to turn any bedroom from bland to grand! We’ve added the ultimate in decadence by upholstering the headboard in a luxurious black silk and finished the tufting made with Swarovski ELEMENTS crystals. Details include flowers, leaves and scrolls”.

Images found at  Fabulous and Baroque

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