Le Plic

A modern wall sconce is often a design challenge. Something dynamic, offering not only ambient light to a room, but visual interest and a bit of drama. An expressive and gorgeous solution, the Le Pic designed by Nathalie Dewez. Offered by ligne-roset,, it throws light in an artful array, and creates focus to the mounting surface. The design is so stunningly simple: “The originality of this wall light lies in its simple use. Its construction is particularly ingenious: the ‘Plic’ is made of a round bulb with a lateral reflector; it is used as a torch that can be attached to different places with a spring-clip.” This spring clip attachment piece is where you come in. A DIY installation, creating a custom art installation unique to each user. You can arrange the bulbs however you fancy, the spacing and placement producing varied effect on mood of a room. Great fun!

Images and excerpt sourced at ligne-roset, and  the designers website, Nathalie Dewez.

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