Pattern and Punch

Interior Designer Kelly Behun, with artist Alex P. White, has curated a bold new exhibit at R 20th Century Gallery in NYC titled After. Known for her work with high powered clients such as Rupert and Wendi Murdoch and Ian Schrager, the show includes limited-edition pieces from Kelly Behun Studio as well as work from seven additional artists. ‘Generally drawn to strong shapes and clean, almost architectural lines’, Ms. Behun brings a strong history of collaboration with artists to this new show.  The installation is beautifully composed; a dynamic display of pattern, varied scale and graphic imagery. Presenting a monochromatic palette, one can feel the energy and visual punch almost jump off the page of the photography of the exhibited work.

The resultant outcome of the project is Kelly Behun Studio’s introduction of a custom furniture collection. This is only the beginning. I look forward to seeing the promised work that is yet to come.

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I’ve spent a lot of time of late, researching imagery creating at once a sense of  remoteness, and a connection to nature. A place to get away, both literally and figuratively. Athough highly impossible, I’ve decided this is where I want to live. Casa Malaparte, built in 1942 on the island of Capri, sits on a dangerous cliff 32 meters above sea level overlooking the Gulf of Salerno. The physical siting of the house, positioned on the edge of civilization, speaks to the owners need for solitude, reflection, and the challenge provided in the element of danger. Imagine the spectacle of a storm at sea, safe within your bunker, yet very much engulfed in the experience. And, in contrast, the intensely peaceful and serene views and sweeping breezes on a quiet summer day. I never cease to be amazed just how powerful the art of architecture is. This, a modern expression void of visual noise, is a built representation of the homeowners unique vision. Incredible.

‘Today the dwelling is owned by the writer’s heirs and most easily seen by boat (or by revisiting Jean-Luc Godard’s 1963 film Contempt, in which the roof provides a sunbathing venue for Brigitte Bardot). ‘

image and excerpt sourced at Architectural Digest.

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Roman and Williams

With a prestigious NYC project list including The Ace Hotel, renovation of the Royalton Hotel and Standard Hotel, I thought it time to look into the private realm of the Architecture firm of Roman and Williams. As expected, the firms office self titled “The Center for the Study of Good Things”, is good indeed. Built in 2004, the 4,000 sf  space is an eclectic mix, reflecting their design sensibilities, which aim to create “tension between spontaneity and rigor, refinement and rebellion, high and low, and past and future.” I love the refined industrial feel. Simplicity and clarity, paired with the warmth offered in weathered material. Inherent in these found objets are their dings and scuffs, which convey the story of their journey.  The result is comfortable and inviting. If you look closely, the color palette is restrained and neutral. Wood, metal, and black painted accents create a no frills environment full of character. What a wonderful place to come to explore creativity everyday.

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The Schweikher House

There is a little known modern architectural gem in the western suburbs of Chicago. The Schweikher House was designed by Robert Paul Schweikher (1903–1997).  The home and stu­dio was built in 1937–38. Located on a farm field just outside Chicago, ‘the house staked its own dis­tinc­tive posi­tion in the world of Prairie School evo­lu­tion, inter­na­tional mod­ernism, and Wright’s yet-to-be-defined/built Uson­ian invention.’ Influenced by the simplicity of Japanese architecture, ‘the Schweikher house is unique for its time—mid-century Mod­ern before such a term existed.’

Schweikher’s successful career included training at the Art Institute of Chicago, work with David Adler’s practice, and a role as chairman of the Yale School of Architecture. Clean lines and well detailed architecture of the home, paired with an abundance of wood throughout the space, creates a uniquely warm yet modern aesthetic.

The Schweikher House is the only listing on the National Register of Historic Places in Schaumburg, Illinois. If you are interested in supporting preservation efforts at the Schweikher House, contact The Schweikher House Preservation Trust. The home is privately owned, but tours are available. Take a look at the Schweikher House website for more information, and history about this gorgeous dwelling.

Photography:  Nathan Kirkman
Images and excerpts sourced at the Schweikher House website.

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I love expression of materiality in design. Not treated. Not painted. Raw. A product chosen for its durability, texture or natural patina, often requiring little to no maintenance. Think of stone, glass, or in the case of this lovely Portland home, Galvanized Steel. This material is created by coating raw steel in layers of zinc oxide, which protects against rust. The best part of this process, is the warm color created, which provides shimmer, reflectivity and a textural effect given its form. It’s easy to install, as it comes in large panels, and can be cut to size. It’s a DIY project in the making. I find it to be an interesting and expressive alternative to traditional siding, and love the fact that I don’t have to paint!

Images sourced at Houzz

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