Color Interplay

Introducing color into a space can be powerful. Color creates definition and enlivens an environment, whether found in a lovely pillow, a piece of furniture, or integrated as an architectural element. Stevens Lawson Architects designed The Hot Water Beach House and created this beautiful stained glass window effect by introducing colored glass, within the window wall system. It is a beautiful example of the impact that light and color can create. The interesting thing about this installation is the movement within the space. While walking down this corridor in the morning, one would enjoy a dazzling display of color. While passing by later in the day, the space would appear very different, as the movement of sunlight would create a whole new artful display in the space. What a wonderful gift. An evolving exhibit of color.

Images sourced at Stevens Lawson Architects

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“Consistent and classic yet absolutely unique…”

I recently learned of the work of California based designer Erin Martin. Ms. Martin has a clean, refined style with a bit of wit mixed in. Love it. Her stylistic choices are classic yes, but these elements are carefully and strategically placed in a sea of restrained modernism. There are few materials, with a strong presence created with the scale of its use. For example, the modern interpretation of the classic adirondack chair below, looks to be built of repurposed wood, which immediately creates a lived in quality and element of comfort  to each user experience. Further, the chairs simple repetition is easy on the eyes, and the tonal pea gravel base further supports this beautiful, monochromatic composition. Looking at the bathroom sink and the kitchen above, you begin to see the power of this approach. The simple palette and clean lines allow the details of the space to become the focus. Beautiful work Erin.


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The Wall House

I have followed the work of the talented team of Brian Messana and Toby O’Rorke for some time. Together, they are Messana O’Rorke, an interdisciplinary design firm founded in 1996 in New York City. They believe that the  value of design has the power to enhance the quality of life. I couldn’t agree more. 

I recently came across ‘The Wall House’ on the architect’s website. It is simple in form, and conceptually sound. The long concrete wall forms a barrier from the public realm, a blanket of privacy and separation from the activity of the street. On the flip side, the home is open, light filled and inviting, an exercise of transparency, and comfort of proportion. I would love to move in. 

From the architects:  ”The Wall House is conceptually a house as described; a massive concrete wall, which divides the public realm from the private house beyond. A single opening in the wall provides access to the habitation, which conversely is based on a simple box with glass walls. The wall is a metaphor of a medieval rampart and is also a natural billboard, where shadows of trees and clouds race through daytime and moon lit nights. The three bed roomed house is arranged along the wall, whose edge becomes the communicating spine along which the various spaces are accessed. An open sided courtyard separates the main house from a guesthouse and gym. A one hundred meter lap pool, like a moat, runs the length of the house.”


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Forever Bicycles


I came across these breathtaking images while perusing Fast Company . The artist, Ai Weiwei, has a new exhibition in Taiwan at The Taipei Fine Arts Museum titled ‘Forever Bicycles’. 1,200 bicycles, nearly 100 feet high,  providing a strong visual impact. The repetitive elements are perfectly aligned and meticulously displayed. Every angle offering a new vision. At once monolithic and simple, as well as dynamic and complex. I am so taken by these images that I can imagine hours spent studying this display if I could visit in person. The reflectivity of the material creates a play of light, a study of transparency abruptly and rhythmically disrupted by the deep black spheres of tires. For the large volume of this venue, a thoughtful, impactful, and beautiful display. “The bikes have no handlebars and no seats and instead use those parts of the frame to extend upward and outward to connect to other wheels and other frames, creating the illusion of a labyrinth-like space in a three-dimensional area.” Forever Bicycles will be on view until January 20.

More information here.
Images found at Fast Company.

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If You Don’t Look Good, We Don’t Look Good.

Modernism through the eyes of Vidal Sassoon. Beautiful, angular and sculptural creations on the heads of women everywhere. A Vidal Sassoon cut, was a serious fashion statement. In the 1950′s, Vidal began experimenting with shapes. His creations took on names like “Teasy Weasy”, expressing the technique and style of the times.

Have you seen the film about the life of this talented designer? View the official theatrical trailer of Vidal Sassoon The Movie by clicking on the link. “This film is a first-time, deeply intimate look into the life of Vidal Sassoon, from his early days in an orphanage, to his time as a soldier, his beginnings on bond street, and ultimately, the revolution he caused, which continues to this day. Vidal Sassoon The Movie was filmed over the course of 3 years and features unprecedented access to Vidal, candid interviews with former staff, family members, reporters and historians”. Vidal Sassoon The Movie

This isn’t a story about hair. Rather, it is a story of passion, design, vision and continuous self invention. I find his tireless dedication to his craft to be a true inspiration. Regardless of medium, every designer must embrace these, pausing to question, challenge and redefine what is expected and accepted. From that personal exploration of craft, comes innovation. Vidal Sassoon has a story to tell. It is a tale which expresses his belief in the connectivity of the arts; his artistic influences based on architecture, culture and art. Vidal Sassoon reminds us what is possible with the “right commitment and passion”.

Vidal Sassoon The Movie premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York city April 23 – May 1, 2010.
Image and excerpt found at the official website


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