DIY, Ready Made Curtain

Now this is my kind of DIY project. A system of parts, completely customizable to work with your individual decor, and simple enough to put together and hang in an afternoon. ‘Greater than the sum of its parts: ‘Ready Made Curtain’ by the celebrated Bouroullec brothers for Kvadrat comes in kit form.’  Of course, this simple idea is a brilliant example of a low cost design solution, with an elegant and sophisticated result. Not afraid to roll up your sleeves, and add your own signature design statement? This could prove to be a lot of fun.


Images and excerpt sourced at Phaidon

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Ivy Shelving by Paris Lowitz

Modular shelving never ceases to interest me (see Yube Cubes and Way Basics) – but these might take the cake. Combination shelving and art piece, Ivy by Paris Lowitz is a system designed to "grow" on your wall as you see fit. 

The system includes three different pieces that can be configured and reconfigured in an endless array of combinations. I love the organic yet streamlined forms. 

Alas, Ivy is just a concept right now but I hope it gets put into production someday! 

See more images: Paris Lowitz Design

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An Interview With Pivot Furniture’s Heather Gallagher

Of all the beautiful designs at this summer's Dwell on Design show, the one that especially caught my eye was a pint-sized table and chair set that beckoned with its clean, curved lines and modular form. Pivot Furniture's Bloom Table Play Set is modern yet family-friendly, elegantly customizable, and manufactured with the environment in mind (sounds a bit like some other product we know and love!). Although I was much too grown up to sit at the play set myself, I still wanted to know more about it and contacted Heather Gallagher, Pivot Furniture's President and Design Director. As Heather explains, the company focuses on designing long-lasting children's furniture that can enhance the decor of any room in the house.

What was thought behind the design of the Bloom Table Play Set?

Our motivation was to give the flexibility of using the Bloom Table Play Set in any location, while giving the children a piece of furniture that aesthetically looks and functions just like mom and dad's. The Play Set includes two chairs that completely tuck underneath the table to reveal a compact piece for a quaint space or even a sculptural element to be added as a side table in the formal living room. This piece is meant to grow with the children, from the time they can sit upright by themselves to pre-teen (even some adults). When the children have grown you can keep the piece as a side table until it is time for the grandchildren to enjoy!
In what ways have you made it customizable?

The Bloom Table Set comes in a European Walnut wood species with a natural oil finish. If your design style should be enhanced with a different wood species we can offer it in several other woods depending on market availability.

Custom acrylic trays for storage sit below each of the chair seats, which are adorned with custom upholstered cushions. The trays are standard in clear, but can be offered in a select range of colors as well. Each cushion is upholstered in a fabric of your choice; we have a few we like to suggest, but are happy to accept a client’s upholstery fabric to coordinate with any room decor.

Other special requests could include an outdoor version in solid Teak wood or a slightly modified design with four chairs. Each piece that we create is a custom product for the client who orders.

How is the Play Set eco-friendly?

The Bloom Table Play Set is produced in SFI certified walnut solids and veneers with water based glues. The natural finishing used is an ASTM Quality Tested food grade Tung Oil. This set tucks together to become a multifunctional side table, great for even the smallest areas! Pivot Furniture strives to provide an heirloom quality piece to enjoy for several generations.

To learn more, visit Pivot Furniture. Heather says the company will even custom build a larger version for adults. Hmm…

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