Mojamoja Lights

Post consumer waste, viewed as opportunity for design. It seems optimistic and relevant for consideration. Architects Florian Busch are doing just that. Understanding recycling is crucial, what are the possibilities when we repurpose? I’d say in the case of these sculptural lights, quite beautiful.

“Discarded, no longer used parts from the past next to today’s industry’s left-overs that have been stenciled out or over-produced. Here is vast potential for a new, unexpected materiality out of what the waste is providing. What is the norm in waste-collection processes is some sort of purification through separation followed by amalgamation of the more or less pure into something as close as possible to the material the waste was originally made from. What we instead suggest is persistent (ab-)usage of the waste’s intrinsic and often ingenious qualities”.

Images and excerpts found at the architects website


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