Not Wallpaper


This is decidedly NOT wallpaper. The way I see it, it’s large scale, room making, art for your walls. A collection of graphically engaging images by a diverse group of artists in varied styles, are available by yourwallpaper. Customizable in size and color and even image. ‘The xerographical printing technique enables manufacture in such small quantities as one single copy. Every wallpaper is unique as it is precisely adapted to the wall for which it is intended.’ Homeowners and designers alike can collaborate to create artwork, with a specific artist, or search within the collection to ‘find motifs or patterns for your wallpaper and adapt them according to requirements and environment .’ Brilliant.


The xerographical printing technique enables us to manufacture in such small quantities as one single copy. Every wallpaper is unique as it is precisely adapted to the wall for which it is intended.

Images of art by self taught artist Moley Talhaoui. Images and excerpts sourced at  www.yourwallpaper

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DIY Wall Murals

Big graphic impact can really make a room. It creates a focal point and often plays with the scale of the space, making it feel larger. These wall murals are impactful, and a simple DIY install. The image printed fabric is canvas-like, which makes it easy to handle. The back is self adhesive. Just peel off the paper, press onto the wall, and smooth. A simple and cost effective way to create a new design direction in an afternoon. There is an interesting selection of available images, including modern, industrial and environmental themes. Each provides a very different effect, and offers an easy and creative way to enliven a space. You can customize your mural size, and even upload your own personal image to be printed for your installation. Incredible. And, oh-so fun.

Images and product source:  eazywallz

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Anders Nielsen

The work of local Chicago artist, Anders Nielsen is most often in comic form; A bit dark, and beautifully penned. Recently I read an article in a local Chicago publication about a very different sort of installation by this artist. A glorious display of buttons. Commissioned by International advertising, marketing and public relations agency Ogilvy and Mather, Anders created a graphic display full of movement and color. The collage tells a story of the history of collaboration between Ogilvy and Mather and their clients. “About 20% of the content was provided by Ogilvy, from current/recent campaigns. The rest was chosen by me. The wall is about 40 feet long by 10 or 12 feet high. I used close to 10,000 buttons, pressed by the wonderful people at Busy Beaver Buttons. (The installation took place) over the course of five days–roughly 45 hours”. Anders Nielsen

The evolution of the button murals began when the artist created a similar display as part of his thesis in undergraduate school in New Mexico. For that installation, he glued images to the end of nails, to create the collage. He has explored creating displays from a single image, cut up into smaller parts, as well as utilizing individual images. I enjoy the layering, visually as well as intellectually, telling a story of color, texture and composition- as well as relationship.

Images courtesy of the the artists website.


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