Eco Inspiration

Smart Home: Green + Wired
I recently visited the Museum of Science + Industry Chicago, to find design inspiration at the Smart Home: Green + Wired exhibit. Designed by Architect Michelle Kaufann, the home is full of ideas for living life with eco principles in mind.
The Smart Home debuted in 2008, and has recently been redesigned for 2010. I visited with my family, to explore the new design elements, and technologies.  As a family we perform the expected rituals of environmental stewardship well, such as recycling, composting, water conservation and reuse. We even grow our own food, when the Chicago climate permits. We came to the museum looking for new ideas and new challenges to fuel our life choices.
The Smart Home is a modular, pre-fabricated structure.  The exhibit displays concepts and technologies which reduce both energy use and footprint.   The Smart Home was constructed off site, in about eight weeks. The module was built on an assembly line in a climate controlled environment. Architect Michelle Kaufman has stated this is 60% faster, and more environmentally friendly than traditional on site construction.

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