Inspiration From Nature: Mushroom Stools

As avid hikers and mushroom hunters (for photographing, not eating), my partner and I are always looking for ways to incorporate our love of nature into our home decor. As we've discovered, we aren't the only ones inspired by mycological forms! These stools, for example, are reminiscent of the myriad shapes and colors of fungi that we have found on our expeditions. For fun, I thought I'd pair them up with some of our photos…

The Tendo Mushroom Stool was designed by Yamanaka Group in 1961 but not put into production until 2003. With a piece of glass on top, it can also be used as a table base.

This Mushroom Stool was hand carved from mango wood and has a secret storage compartment inside!

These mod Mushroom Stools are from Yayoi Kusama Furniture by graf.

SHIMNA's Mushroom Stool is made from walnut wood sourced in and around Pennsylvania and turned on a lathe.

Have you seen any other cool mushroom-inspired furniture or accessories?

(Images: Tortoise, Viva Terra, graf, SHIMNA)

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