Orchard House by Nachzel Architects

This dreamy dwelling is a conversion of a historic homestead into a holiday home for a family. Nestled in the middle of a fruit orchard, the rural quality is maintained, while a modern and uplifting environment is skillfully created. The monochromatic application of paint on the exterior of the building, unifies the existing structure with the new elements, such as the new glazed openings. It immediately takes the structure to current day, while the incredible texture of the brick reminds us of the time from which it came. The interior is a peaceful, uncluttered space, leaving plenty of room for the imagination of a child, or the indulging fall novel to fill. To me, this is a successful and livable small dwelling, as even for the family with small children, the connection to the outdoors, views and siting in the orchard create a living space much larger than the footprint enclosed by these lovely white brick walls. I especially find the consistency of color, or absence thereof, of every space from exterior to living to bathroom within to be inspirational. No wavering. A clean palette for the dreams of the day. The light, bright,white space creates an illusion of a larger room.

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Architect: Nacházel Architekti
Location: , Czech Republic
Construction Company: SKALA
Sculptures: Jakub Flejšar
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Jakub Vlček

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