Patrick Dougherty Natural History

Patrick Dougherty has combined his love of nature with his sense of design and architecture to create over 200 woven stick works around the world.  Mr. Dougherty, with the help of students and volunteers at each of his project sites, creates a sculptural experience for the visitor.   He embraces the natural lifecycle of his material, which over time settles and decays, eventually returning to the earth.  Patrick uses locally sourced material for each of his installations.

“My affinity for trees as a material seems to come from a childhood spent wandering the forest around Southern Pines, North Carolina – a place with thick underbrush and many intersecting lines evident in the bare winter branches of trees,” Dougherty has said. “When I turned to sculpture as an adult, I was drawn to sticks as a plentiful and renewable resource. I realized that saplings have an inherent method of joining – that is, sticks entangle easily. This snagging property is the key to working material into a variety of large forms.”


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