Shopping Magpie & Rye

If ever I owned a decor and curiosities shop, I would want it to be juuuust like Magpie & Rye. Even the name sounds fantastic, yes? A small, select and highly-curated collection of goodies to adorn your home with, Magpie & Rye is my go-to for unusual finds that you never knew you needed.

Bullet pens, brass spoons and heart stools, oh my! This season, I'm gravitating toward natural elements and goods left untouched, like beautiful agates, wooden bowls and nature-infused, quality accessories. I'd love to sprinkle them throughout a stark space that needs a touch of character, or an overly-lacquered room screaming for something non-plastic.

Perhaps it's the weather turning cooler, but wood tones are just so comforting these days, yes? And with semi-affordable prices for most, I'm all in.

I dare you to visit and not fall in love with something. And if you need a suggestion, might I send you to a sweet matchstick bottle with a strike-able surface? Genius.

Enjoy! I apologize to your bank account in advance.

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