Tips for embracing negative space in your space

If you are like me then you probably get the urge to often decorate, decorate and then decorate some more. There is so much design inspiration out there, it is easy to find fantastic new decor to add to your home. What is not always easy is taking a step back to look at the big picture and how you feel in your space. My favorite thing about designing a space is how I feel when I am in it. Certainly adding decor that has meaning, artwork that you curate and furniture that you love will make a space feel great. But it’s also about the harmony of the room. One of the best tips for finding a balance in your rooms is to consider the negative space – or the space that is left blank to breathe. I love this room above of the low bookshelves. To me, it’s a fantastic example of how negative space can positively affect the entire room. A few tips for embracing negative space…

  • Make sure to balance the space on one side. In this case, the organized books give weight to the blank walls
  • Consider your lighting. You can add depth to negative space by casting your light in a certain way.
    Negative space can be small or big. For example, an entire wall can be used as a negative space or a small grouping of decor can evoke the feeling of negative space.
  • On that note, negative space can be created in many ways – arranging items on a shelf to leave space, items on your floor, your walls, even your bedding design.
  • Don’t forget to consider anchoring the negative space. The bookshelves above do a great job or a colorful

Have you embraced negative space in your home? Share your style with us.

Image via Desire to Inspire.


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