A Change of Plans

A couple months ago we were at a photo shoot for the recently-launched Spring catalog.   Our designers had the rugs for the photo shoot laid out and a precise set of plans ready to execute. But after arriving and heading upstairs, they stumbled upon this amazing couch, and it completely changed their course.

They were so inspired by the couch they decided to create a plaid rug instead of the neutral one that was planned. They took the compelling geometric pattern from the couch and used it as inspiration to create this beautiful rug below.  And as simple as that,  this “Plaid was born, a combination of Toy Poodle tiles (Black, Java and Persimmon) that is both inviting and a real design statement.

In our designer’s case, it was a plaid sofa, but accessories of all kinds can inspire a rug. Here we originally had a more neutral rug but when the styling was complete, it seemed only right to pull some color from the pillow and place it in the rug. This enhanced not only the rug but the whole room. FLOR’s sophisticated color palette can match or complement just about any of your existing décor.

So go ahead, look around the room, find that subtle tone or color in your favorite chair, now create a rug that will fit “just-so” lying next to it. Then share your story with us here – pictures@flor.com.

Design Assistance

If you would like help creating this rug,  call 866-952-4093 for complimentary design assistance. We have design consultants on call who can help you customize your own version of  Plaid. Or see it in person and work with a  Store design consultant at one of our Store locations.

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A Few Pretty Things…

Every now and then, I feel an urge to indulge in my femininity. Lace, neutrals and light, flowy textures aside, there's something to be said for embracing the softer side of life. Inspired by a recent Country Living post showcasing a few doily decorations, I've rounded up my favorite "pretties" for the month:

[Products, clockwise from left to right: Fog Linen at HORNE, Antler Chandelier at HORNE, Wool Vest Kit at NET-A-PORTER, Hammock at DesignMe, Pinecone at Magenta, Crochet Stool at Le Souk]

Is there anything more lovely than soft linen, warm furnishings and plenty of fluffy, Scandinavian-inspired texture? We may be well into the dog days of summer, but I'm dreaming of days where wool is necessary, a light evening breeze calls for a hammock and pinecone collecting is in season once again.

[Images: The Inside Stoop, Sandra Juto]

Where better to enjoy my collection of pretty things than in a beautiful space like this one, full of plush, comfy couches and natural light? And because beauty is in the imperfect, a sweet picture of the healing process would jump-start any calming senses necessary.

How do you feel? Relaxed? Serene? Even [gasp!] feminine? Happy summer, friends — enjoy the rest of it before it's too late!

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