With the arrival of 2012, I look forward to the opportunity to display a new calendar. Like most of us, my days are full of much to keep track of. It is a joy to display a beautifully designed diary. When you think about it, this piece of art is one referenced multiple times, each and every day. Why not make it beautiful, as well as useful?  I have posted images of two of my favorites. One new, and one old.

The first is a classic. Above, the Stendig calendar is designed in 1966 by Massimo Vignelli and part of the Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art  in New York. After thirty five years, a design from the sixties endures as an example of excellence in modern graphic design. The clarity and graphic punch make it truly timeless.

The year at a glance format by Felix Ng of Singapore design studio SILNT is beautifully presented. It features a horizontal layout (for marking project schedules) and a typeset in Akzidenz Grotesk. It is understated and elegant, and I love the tri-fold-go-anywhere format printed on 150 gsm Curious Particles Snow Paper in an edition of 250. 2011 pictured. Look for the 2012 version due out soon.

Images found at SILNT, and Stendig.


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