Personal Confetti

While looking for some New Years Eve inspiration, I came across a wonderful way to personalize a celebration. A DIY project simple enough to create with time to spare for the big night. Images of friends and family can be used to create an image collage. Using paper punches of various sizes, punch out festive confetti circles. Place a handful in an envelope for each guest, and pass them out before the clock strikes midnight. A fun and personal explosion of color and memory of the passing year. Happy New Year!


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Top Light

Have you ever saved your empty wine bottles to create an inexpensive, eco friendly candle stick? They look great, create a wonderful crafted aura to the table-scape, but aren’t without challenge. Perhaps your experience has been like mine, a beautiful light indeed, but the melted wax on the tabletop certainly puts a damper on things. ‘Top Light’ an ingenious, simple design by the talented folks at Design House Stockholm, solves the messy factor beautifully. A guest worthy solution, reusable for life long enjoyment. Now, why didn’t I think of that?

Images sourced at Design House Stockholm

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