Auberty Ranch

Auberty Ranch is a Rural Studio and Residence in Glencoe, Texas designed by NIMMO, American Studio For Progressive Architecture. I was immediately drawn to these images. A simple structure, while meticulously organized into clearly defined functions, also offers the homeowner great flexibility for defining the use of space. Full height windows fill each room with a wide open view of the gorgeous landscape and an abundance of  light. I love the connection to the outdoors, and the flow of the floor plan moving along the spine of this long narrow compound.

Three independent ‘buildings’, connected by either roof or decking, create ‘outdoor rooms’ and tremendous opportunity for entertaining and gathering together under the starry Texas sky. The smallest building (on the far left of the images above) houses a kitchenette, Bathroom, Library and Bedroom, the primary dwelling space if you will, for the homeowner. Just outside the door, a cozy outdoor fireplace under the breezeway provides a covered entry to the artists studio space.  The studio is a large open volume, which I can imagine would be the perfect space for entertaining, as well as for the artists work.

Between the studio space and the guest house, is a a dramatic fire pit, perfectly placed to both engage the homeowner and guest as well as create separation between them.

I absolutely love the clarity both organizationally as well as aesthetically. A modern, rural home and studio. What a perfect retreat.

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