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Design. At the core, it is the art of problem solving. This beautifully presented and startling BBC Infographic in Fast Company, translates graphically the state of our depleting non-renewable resources. For me, it is a call to action. To reinvent, redesign, and repurpose. Not only for big businesses who depend on many of these elements for product production, but also for each of us as individuals, to design our daily routines and process’ to make better use of, or even eliminate our dependence on these fleeting resources. To support companies doing the right thing, like FLOR, and to take steps locally in our communities.

Realizing reporting varies on this subject, it does seem that time is fleeting. An exciting design opportunity, with a deadline. Let’s get to work.

I’d love to hear about your ideas, plans and creative solutions. What do you think?

Images and excerpts sourced at Fast Company.


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