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If you're anything like me, you love to make lists. I keep lists of movies I'd like to watch, books I'd love to read… and lists I want to make when I'm finished reading through those lists. It's a horrid habit, but I can honestly say I've nearly perfe about us cted my penmanship as a result!

Naturally, my desk can be quite cluttered. In fact, I spent the bulk of my day yesterday transferring Post-It note scribbles onto notebook paper in an attempt to gather my thoughts into one handy binder. Of course, life doesn't always fit within 500 pages, so it's important for me to compartmentalize my thoughts, feelings and various cheese lists.

Thus, my July resolution has been to conquer the paper clutter for all (with these handy notebooks, binders and tools!):

1. Formaticum Cheese Binder, $10
2. Wine Tasting Notebook, $7
3. Things I'd Like To Tweet Pad, $5
4. Restaurants To Check Out, $9
5. Music To Listen To, $8
6. Ticket Stub Diary, $10
7. Funny Things Kids Say, $10
8. Chores and Household Things To Do, $13
9. Menus To Order Takeout From, $22

…and of course, the Ultimate Notebook for people like me? My Listography: My Amazing Life in Lists ($10). Someone grab a #2 pencil; I'm ready to go!

p.s. I may be organized, but I'm certainly not rich. Therefore, my birthday's coming up in August should anyone be feeling extra generous. ;)

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