FLOR Story : Crazy Colorful

Dear FLOR,

Even before we found out we were having a baby, we were looking forward to redecorating a room for a little one. So, once we knew we were having an actual baby, we started throwing around ideas. It should be colorful. Crazy colorful. Our home more generally is full of nutty colors but a kid’s room seemed like a perfect opportunity to go all out on color.

While the website was fun to use, we wanted to see the tiles in person before we ordered something for the baby’s room.  We headed to the Flor store near us (in Chicago) and worked with Kim, who showed us all sorts of tiles.  After working with us for awhile, helping us zero in on a palette of tiles we liked, and seeing that we were open to lots of ideas, Kim suggested taking the tiles we liked and laying them out in a striped pattern. She laid it out on her laptop (and even emailed us a .pdf of the design to use when we set up the tiles).  We hadn’t thought of stripes but immediately felt like it was a super cool way to capitalize on the modularity of Flor tiles.

We had a bunch of fun putting the tiles together and the Flor definitely fulfilled our desire for a unique and nutty carpet in our baby’s room. We really love her room, hopefully she will too!


Matthew – Chicago, IL

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Behind the Scenes: Nursery photo shoot

We were lucky to have plenty of adorable babies on hand (thanks to what some might call a “FLOR baby boom” last year) to serve as models for a recent nursery photo shoot here in our offices.  Even though they may work at FLOR, these moms (and dads) are sold on the soft, practical ease of FLOR squares for their homes and their baby’s nursery.

While the office was a buzz cooing at our talent for the day, our design team went to work creating FLOR nursery look #1.

We love the wall decal our stylist chose.  It was a cinch to apply and easily comes off without ruining the paint, so you can use, re-use or add to your decal design any time you want.  We love the sleek, modern crib and the cool rocker (a vintage Eames Shell chair).  The teddy bear is vintage and totally adorable.

Everyone had a great time … and we got through the entire day without a single meltdown (thankfully)!

We wanted to keep everybody happy, so there were lots of quick “snack breaks”.  Our “model”, Miles, looks like he’s enjoying himself immensely.

Our design team used Toy Poodle to create a colorful patchwork design – perfect for boys or girls – with flexibility that can grow with your newborn into their toddler years, the tweens and beyond.

Toy Poodle is cushy and soft, which is an important consideration when choosing any kind of floorcovering for a baby’s room.  You don’t want something hard or bristly on those tender knees!

We love the final look.  It’s colorful, cozy, inviting and sophisticated enough to blend with the rest of your well-appointed home.

We created three other baby room designs that day.  Here are the results from those:

Look #2:  You probably wouldn’t think to put an Oriental rug in a baby’s nursery given what can happen.  But, FLOR’s version of Oriental means you don’t have to worry about messes or ruining an heirloom.  Shown here is Reoriented in pink.


Look #3:  We went with Modern Mix in blue to create a serene room for Camden.  It’s our version of a solid, updated.

Look #4:  A field of green in two textures is a look that you can only do with FLOR.  We mixed the plush shag of Rake Me Over with the clean look of Feelin’ Groovy for a textural twist.

Credits:  All cribs, dressers and bedding supplied courtesy of eco-minded Argington.  (We used a mix from their Sahara and Bam collections, both available in either ebony or white finish).  Wall decal and mobile from Land of Nod. Eames rocker from Pegboard Modern.  The teddy bears are vintage; the pink elephant comes from Soft Goods Design; and, the owl belongs to Miles.


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It’s Baaaaaaack!!

Way back when we were researching cribs for my now 20 month old, we were specifically looking for a two toned, non drop-side crib that would withstand the antics of up to three kids.  We found the perfect, perfect crib at Pottery Barn and apparently were lucky to snag one because shortly after ordering ours they discontinued the line. Above is the Skylar crib in our nursery about a month before our son was born.  See how beautiful it is?! (side note – see how awesome sauce those FLOR tiles are?!!)  I will never ever doubt our decision to purchase this crib even though it was a pretty good chunk of change.  First, I can tell you that in 20 months, our son has done everything in his power to destroy this crib, and it still looks as good and functions as well as the day they assembled it for us in his room.  Second, we have a small house and we can use all the storage we can get.  Having the drawers at the bottom of this crib has been a great way to store everything from extra bed linens to toys (now that he's big enough to explore the drawers). The crib is sturdy and stylish and… …apparently available yet again through Pottery Barn Kids!  Now, normally I don't hawk other people's wares here on this ole' bloggity blog…but I originally wrote about our crib on my personal blog when we first got it and it is the number one driver of search traffic for my blog so clearly people have been looking for it – thus, consider this a public service announcement. If you're looking for a beautiful, multi-functional, two-toned crib, non drop-side crib; look no further.


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The non-themed theme

The most recent trend in nursery decor seems to be the non-themed room which falls right up my alley.  I am such a huge fan of our spaces having an essence or a feel without banging us over the head with a theme…unfortunately, such blasé-ness isn’t easy to achieve well.  I liken it to being a teenager and working on your hair for ages in the bathroom trying to get that quintessential I-didn’t-try-too-hard-on-my-hair look.

Fortunately, there are some wonderfully inspiring spaces out there to use as a stepping off point:

This one tows the line for me…there isn’t a TRUE theme…but there is a color story.  Regardless, it makes me smile and is fun and vibrant and kid friendly:

I had a wall of mirrors like this in a room of mine when I was just out of college.  Suffice it to say, had I known how great it could look with a collection of vintage, feminine accents, I might not have taken the crowbar to it:

Take away the toys (and oh yeah, the crib) and this entire room could be an adult’s space.  Not a thing screams nursery:

This thoughtfully edited kids room has color and excitement and whimsey and ALL of it could be carted out tomorrow.  It is a great example of making a fun kid’s space without having to commit to painting the room:

I like to imagine we were able to pull off ths non-theme theme in our own nursery below:

What about you?  Do you prefer a theme or a non-theme theme?

{source: 1 – Tara Seawright; 2 – Basil Walter Architects; 3 – Ish and Chi; 4 – Elisabeth Dunker Gothenburg via Design Mom; 5-7 – Miriam Bradford}

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