The Eames Elephant

Much of the Eames’ design work was built as one-of-a-kind creations for their friends and family. ‘Designed by  in 1945, the  never made it into mass production. The two original prototypes were made out of molded plywood and exhibited at MoMA, but were never seen by the public again until 2007, when a limited, 1,000-piece run in red and natural maple was produced to celebrate Charles’ 100th birthday. Now, 67 years after it was first conceived in the Eames office, Charles’ grandson  has teamed up with Vitra to bring the Eames Elephant to the public en masse and for good. The elephant is available in five different colors and instead of plywood it’s made from thick plastic, a more durable choice for children at play.’

The Eames elephant is a perfect scale for the investigative play of a young child. It is a recognizable icon, and a design classic for the Modern Home. The material choice makes it equally suitable for use in the yard, or in the living room.


Images and excerpts found at Design Applause



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Transitioning the nursery

When I designed my son’s nursery, I took great pains to not make it too gender specific.  The intent was to be able to transform it easily, if necessary, to a room for a girl if we should need to do that down the road.  And guess what… WE NEED TO DO THAT!!!  YAY!!

Now there, are some items that are 100%, without question staying in the room.  The pendant lamp, the bookshelf, the rocker, the dresser, the bookcase (not seen), the dresser/changing table (also not seen), the radiator cover and the roman shades.  I also have no plans to paint.  So that really leaves me with minimal things to change out to customize the place to our new addition to the family.

I’m still not 100% sure I won’t just switch out the FLOR tiles we already have with some pinks…but if I DO decide to go all CrAAAaZy I am in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with FLOR’s new Damascus print in black and white.  The problem is that everything else in the room is a shade of tan or brown.  So no matter HOW much I love it and am a fan of breaking rules…I just don’t think it will work for us.


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Inspiring Nursery Design

Recently, the nursery below designed by Trenna of Trenna Travis Design Studio was selected as the May Project Gallery Winner over at Project Nursery and I couldn’t possibly be more in love.

Like all well designed spaces should, it took me some time to truly reflect on this space and figure out exactly what it was that tickled me so much.  In the end I determined that it doesn’t just boil down to one single thing, but rather a combination of good choices that makes this nursery such a winner in my book.

First, the color palette with its various hues is fresh, yet still maintains its sweetness.  Everything from the vintage aqua crib to the persimmon pillow; the preppy greens in both large scale (the chair) and tiny scale (the Greek Key curtains) patterns; the mintier green side table and the flash of poppy orange buds in the silver vase work together to create a gentle, relaxed ambiance just perfect for a sweet baby.

Second, even the neutrals in this space are all very varied, yet compliment each other perfectly.  The cable knit throw; the light wood floor; the venerable Ikea pendant; the linen storage boxes; the quilted crib bumper; the quirky ceramic owl lamp; the tone on tone picture frames and the beautiful, woven shades are all texturally independent of one another and yet so perfectly work together to give the space depth and light.

The one and only thing in this room that confuses me is the placement of the crib right in front of the curtained window.  But, for the sake of compromise, I will go ahead and chalk it up to the need to style the room so that everything fit in one perfectly framed photograph.

Many congrats to Trenna on her much deserved win.

Care to share any fresh, new nursery designs you’ve come across lately?

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Pulling a Screen: Kitty Defense

We have a kitty at our house and she loves nothing more than to curl up in a warm cozy place and sleep there for an eternity whilst shedding what often seems to be half her body weight in fur all over her current nap locale of choice.  When we were expecting our son, I was concerned about our kitty deciding that our son's crib was the most awesome nap place of all time and taking up residence in there.  Now that our son is a year old, I realize that our cat will never go anywhere near that annoying little human who's main purpose in life is to try and catch her…but I was a new parent, so I didn't know. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how we would keep the kitty out of our son's crib until I remembered the solution my sister had gone with, which was to install a screen door into the nursery.  Of course, at first mention of this idea to anyone they immediately assumed we had a big, white, metal, hulking screen door in mind…but take a look at these pretty, practical, wood screen door solutions:


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