An Inspired NYC Office

Of all of the rooms in a home I glean the most inspiration from, it’s the office. Perhaps it’s my love for marrying form and function (and truly, you can’t get much more functional and productive than in an office space, right?). Still, I’m endlessly intrigued by the way creatives dress up a drab office environment and transform it into an inspired, worthy workspace. Take fashion designer Reed Krakoff’s NYC office, for example…


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Maya Lin, Pin River


Ms. Lin working on her piece “Pin River — Hudson.”   NYTimes


“After Hurricane Sandy, Maya Lin, the architect and artist, decided her new show at Pace Gallery would fix on Manhattan and its environment, on landscapes and waterways. Called “Here and There,” the show opened April 27 at Pace’s 57th Street gallery and runs through June 22.”  NY Times

I have followed the work of Maya Lin since learning of her winning project for the  Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC.  Her process is self described as one that balances scientific data with the handmade, creating beautiful and thoughtful built expression. I am always intrigued and inspired by her process.

I caught a recent article in the NY Times about her new exhibit “Here and There,”. Our rapidly changing environment has informed and inspired Ms. Lin. “Among the show’s highlights are three of the “pin rivers” Ms. Lin has been making since 2006, part of a series that will eventually include all the major rivers and estuaries of the world. Using thousands of stainless-steel pins and the shadows they cast, she creates wall reliefs that suggest aerial contour maps. One traces the Hudson River and its major tributaries; another picks out some of the many streams that still meandered through Midtown Manhattan a century ago.The largest marks the boundaries of Sandy’s flood plain — a subject that, as Ms. Lin notes, is even harder to represent than an overbuilt urban stream.”

“A flood doesn’t exist except in our memory banks,” she said. “It’s a temporal event. It’s not the river and it’s not the land. It’s neither here nor there.”

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Pattern and Punch

Interior Designer Kelly Behun, with artist Alex P. White, has curated a bold new exhibit at R 20th Century Gallery in NYC titled After. Known for her work with high powered clients such as Rupert and Wendi Murdoch and Ian Schrager, the show includes limited-edition pieces from Kelly Behun Studio as well as work from seven additional artists. ‘Generally drawn to strong shapes and clean, almost architectural lines’, Ms. Behun brings a strong history of collaboration with artists to this new show.  The installation is beautifully composed; a dynamic display of pattern, varied scale and graphic imagery. Presenting a monochromatic palette, one can feel the energy and visual punch almost jump off the page of the photography of the exhibited work.

The resultant outcome of the project is Kelly Behun Studio’s introduction of a custom furniture collection. This is only the beginning. I look forward to seeing the promised work that is yet to come.

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Roman and Williams

With a prestigious NYC project list including The Ace Hotel, renovation of the Royalton Hotel and Standard Hotel, I thought it time to look into the private realm of the Architecture firm of Roman and Williams. As expected, the firms office self titled “The Center for the Study of Good Things”, is good indeed. Built in 2004, the 4,000 sf  space is an eclectic mix, reflecting their design sensibilities, which aim to create “tension between spontaneity and rigor, refinement and rebellion, high and low, and past and future.” I love the refined industrial feel. Simplicity and clarity, paired with the warmth offered in weathered material. Inherent in these found objets are their dings and scuffs, which convey the story of their journey.  The result is comfortable and inviting. If you look closely, the color palette is restrained and neutral. Wood, metal, and black painted accents create a no frills environment full of character. What a wonderful place to come to explore creativity everyday.

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Manhattan Water Tank Cottage

Ok. Now this is the life! New York City Rooftop living in a converted water tower. Too good to be true? Modern and state of the art, this two bedroom, pre-war condominium residence designed by Messana O’Rorke Architects in the heart of Greenwich Village’s Gold Coast  is gorgeous. A dose of  ingenuity, the water tower sits above and functions as a separate rooftop cottage. Although the footprint isn’t large, with the water tower’s  24′ ceilings, this condo has all the expected luxuries, including a chefs kitchen, spa bathroom, and that to-die-for manhattan outdoor space. Take a peek  at this gem, and let me know what you think?

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