Inspiration Only: The Heritage Cabinet

I spotted Boca do Lobo’s heritage cabinet on Yellowtrace this morning and can’t shake how lovely this statement cabinet piece is. Directly inspired by Portugal’s rich history, the cabinet is decorated with hand-painted tiles that form a story of what once lived — and will continue to live on.

Of course, the piece made me think about my own heritage, history and antique surroundings. There’s the apple crate from my grandfather’s farm, an oil lamp from a great grandfather’s attic… even a milkglass vase in our kitchen holds special meaning. I can’t help but think of the story they’ve told in my own life — and the stories they’ll continue to tell as years go on.

What sort of heritage pieces exist in your own home, and how do you display them? Spill it!

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Why Don’t You…?

Summer is a time of relaxation, long days — and even longer evening walks. Why not start a collection of found objects from your neighborhood and create a display like the above? I love how it looks primitive, even tribal, as if the family who lives there is telling a story with tiny artifacts.

The design is equal parts personal and unexpected — two of my favorite home traits! Time to break out the hammer and nails…

Image Credit: Gilles Trillard via Desire To Inspire

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A handsome gift guide…

May I be as bold as to say this is the best looking gift guide I’ve ever seen? Not only are the gifts to die for, but the styling and photography? Spot-on and quite refreshing I must say. To be honest, there has been many a time when I would just flip through gift guides in magazines, literally giving it no more than two seconds of my time. But was I in for a treat when I saw this stunner titled “Guest Stars” from the June issue of Elle Decor. “Make any summer weekend memorable with a stylish gift that guarantees a return engagement”. I like the sound of that! And then I proceeded to spend an embarrassingly long time looking at every . single . gift (well, for myself, HA!) Not to dissect this article to death, but – a collage of basic white frames could really make the simplest objects shine – and to stop me in my tracks.

… ok, I have to mention something about this last image. See that stack of cheese? Rustico with black pepper, Brunet, Piave Vecchio, and Pecorino Sardo from Murray’s Cheese. Yum!

{ all images from Elle Decor June 2011, photography by Geoffrey Sokol, produced by Anita Sarsidi }

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Elephant Ceramics…

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this ceramic collection by Elephant Ceramics. Not only am I feasting my eyes on the photography, but also the textures, colors, and just the brilliant intensity of some of these images. Wow. And by the flawless styling skills, should have guessed that the collection is designed by the home design editor/interior and tabletop prop stylist, Michele Michael. I love the backstory behind Elephant Ceramics… it all started when Michele went searching for tabletop items for her prop house in Manhattan. We've all been there, hunting for that one particular shape and color. Everywhere she looked was of no avail, so she decided to design and make her own. How's that for an inspiration to start a new venture?! The texture you see in her ceramics is of traditional homespun linen, such a simple idea, but look how beautiful it is. Perhaps it's her painterly approach that makes her collection looks so genuine. You see, I love brush strokes, I think there's such emotion to them. And to see that emotion coming through in her work is just mesmerizing to me. Only a handmade object could have this organic quality – each is unique, all on its own.


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Theories of time…

Don't you love an artist who's poetic as well? Discovered this Japanese designer Yukihiro Kaneuchi the other day and I just kept clicking on his work/links over and over again because I honestly didn't quite get "it" the first time (did many double takes!). And not until I read each product's description did I fully understand what the underlying theme is throughout his work – our relationship with time. It's quite brilliant I have to say… and very refreshing. Take this ordinary coffee cup for example. Yukihiro created a delicate, tiny little landscape in this cup. What Yukihiro sees is a landscape of time, quote "… relationships are formed through user interaction over time, the product ages and gains knowledge of its purpose in the world. The stain's image is a representation of the product's feelings, memory as the product ages through use." unquote. A lot to take in, but makes perfect sense, no?


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