A blue story…

For some reason, I've been really attracted to the color blue lately. Maybe it's the fall, or maybe I'm secretly hoping for a wintery November. You would think I would be into the autumnal colors like burnt orange and red, but no, here I am typing away and trying to speak the language of blue. I find blue to be a color that is constantly reinventing itself. Whether it's combined with another hue, or by gosh, paired with gold! What a striking and stunning effect it illuminates. And here are just a few lyrical names that I found describing shades of blue – Bleu de France, Bondi Blue, Cerulean, Majorelle Blue, Glaucous, and of course, Tiffany Blue. Pink is often associated with love and affection, and it's the gentlest of all romantic colors out there, but I don't know, call me crazy, I think blue is my new romantic color. Just couldn't get enough of it… and because that is the color I'm currently craving, below is a collection of blue photography that I've been starring at, literally. The word "stunning" came out a few times when I first laid my eyes on them. What is the one color that you crave? 


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I’m hooked…

Came across this fun inspiration/statement piece the other day and thought, what kind of hooks would I use if I had an entryway like this at home? Absolutely love how eclectic this wall looks – especially the brass duck – such personality! Even the house number is quite perfect. I'm visualizing another wall, perhaps a colored one this time in another part of the home… How fun will it be to treat it as a three dimensional canvas? Using a variety of shapes and sizes to create a sculpture piece on the wall instead? Who says we actually need to use the hooks, right?! So I decided to do some virtual shopping myself and came up with my own "wall" selection. Perfect opportunity for mixing and matching. A little antique, a little woodsy… 

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Tea time…

It all started with this Eva Ziesel teakettle a few years back. I have often thought about collecting teapots and teakettles. Don't ask me why, it's just one of those strange and funny notions. I have yet gone and purchased a second one to start my collection though. Mostly because I honestly don't have the room for them, but also what exactly am I going to do with them all??? I was just at an antique store the other day, and of course fell in love with two vintage enamelware teapots – a bright orange one with the most delicate white floral pattern on it, and the other, a cobalt blue that is so vibrant and intense that you can see it from a mile away. Part of me wanted to spend the $30 on them, but the other part of me kept saying, no, really, you've got enough "other" collections to keep you busy for a long while. But then again, the thought of opening up a cupboard and seeing an attractive array of teapots and teakettles in all shapes and sizes, colors and finishes, kinda makes me want to pursue this idea again. Perhaps one of these days I will dedicate an entire kitchen wall to them and nothing else. But for now, I have these beauties to daydream about…

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An inspiring merry-go-round…

Have you ever owned a piece of furniture that you just keep moving it around (and around) until you have completely exhausted its possibilities? Me, guilty. I actually quite love the idea of it to be honest. Take a simple stool for example. My Taburet M stacking stool has been through quite a few facelifts. It has mingled with our dining chairs, held up piles and plies of books, doubled as a nightstand and an entry piece… Currently it’s "on display" in my home office (above right). I say on display because my favorite scenario of this stool thus far is really the way that it is now — on its own, with no interruptions to its fluid shape whatsoever. It makes a great composition, doesn’t it? The other day I came across a wooden stool/side table by e15 and thought, now that’s a great way of mixing things up!

… alone with a long table (love the pop of yellow here btw!)

… quietly paired up in an open bath.

… grouped together as a fun hallway statement.

What is your one furniture piece that you like to play around with? If you don’t have one, look around and pick one out! Each time I change a piece up, it’s like revisiting that pair of old worn out jeans in the closet. Or if I feel lucky that day, it's like I went shopping, in my own home.

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from e15; 2 by Peggy Wong }

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