Problem Solver: Two-in-One Desk

Apartment-dwellers and studio office mates unite: this two-in-one desk created by Stephan Schulz is your dream come true. After all, who doesn’t love the idea of a desk that folds out to create multiple work stations for guests, business partners and last-minute clients? (Or, for the days when you just can’t seem to keep your work surface clean, you’ve got a back-up surface area ready to be messied!)


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See-Through Your Office Style

Ah, work. It can be exciting, demanding, challenging, rewarding, sometimes all of this wrapped up into one. While you are busy making things happen, consider doing so in a well-designed and stylish space. Whether you work in an office or from home, creating a design statement in your everyday work life truly can make a difference. A little color, a little style, a little design love not only looks great but can make you feel great – a win-win!

I often write and work from home and have created a dedicated office space. Aside from my personal items and important-to-me objects that adorn my desk, there are the usual office supplies…paperwork, pens, pencils, folders. These items can spill over so I used my fave small space trick when it comes to containing these things – a lucite tray. See through items continue the eyes to keep moving and allow the space to appear bigger – yes! And this see-through idea can also be interpreted to your entire home with lucite tables, shelves and more.

{Office desk via Style Creative}

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Trash to Treasure

I’m always amazed at how creativity is displayed in the home – particularly when re-purposing objects that are no longer useful. After spotting this workspace on Emmas Design Blog, I had to take a second look at the inspiration board on the wall:

Image Credit: BoligLiv

Do you see what it is yet? It appears to be a mattress spring! What a brilliant idea! I love the pattern the springs create against the white wall, and how functional the former trashed object is in its new space.

Proof that smart design doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Any new uses for old things you’ve stumbled upon lately? Share below!

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3 Unique Pencil Holders

Nothing makes me happier than glancing down at a quirky object on my desktop in the middle of a grueling work day. Surely I’m not alone, yes? And lately, I’ve been feeling restless with my current desk accessories and am in need of a tiny change. What better way to make a statement than with these three easy-to-incorporate DIY pencil holder ideas?:

Idea #1: Transform a vintage horse grooming brush (or otherwise large bristle utility brush) into a desktop accessory holder! Of course, if you’re not feeling crafty, you can purchase the above item for $68. (via Anthropologie)

Idea #2: Have a spare slinky lying around from your child’s playroom? Link the ends together to create an impromptu circle that will contain pencils, pens, business cards and then some. (via Real Simple)

Idea #3: Grab a ball of twine from your local dollar store and put it to use as a utensil holder that will provide the perfect handmade touch to any desktop. Easy peasy! (via Slumber Designs)

Happy work day, friends!

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My Favorite Space (Today!)

My taste changes so quickly these days, but one room I've been continually drawn to in the past few weeks is this eclectic mix of industrial beauty:

[Photographed by Jonas Ingerstedt]

I've never seen cold tile look so cozy and when paired with such a magnificent butterfly/insect display, the space is surprisingly welcoming (even for an insect-o-phobe like me!). The sawhorse desk, lateral files and canvas bins scream of function while that cheery red chair is begging to be sat upon for an impromptu work session.

I'd love an office as visually inspiring as this one — with or without a rug on the floor!

What do you think, readers? Is it all in my head? Do you love this space as much as I?

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