Vintage Olivetti…

Ever since I saw a framed vintage Olivetti poster a few weeks back at an antique store, I've been somewhat obsessed at finding another one just like it online. Well, I guess that's what happens when you say, "I'll think about…" to the sales person because the next day, someone came along and purchased it. While I was doing all sorts of research, I found more posters (some even better than the one that I started with), ads, manuals… I particularly like this ad (above) for their blue-green potrable typewriter in 1970, featuring Twiggy. So I put together a few of my favorites to share with you here – they truly are feasts for the eyes. The colors and graphics are vibrant and fun. Corky at times, but I think it fits the Olivetti look and personality. And all these great designs for a typewriter, gotta love that. Sadly I couldn't find the one that I saw at the store… should have known it was a rare piece!


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