Eco-Friendly Blankets To Keep You Warm This Winter

The chilly nights and mornings of December mean it's time to swap, or perhaps layer, our fall blankets with something heavier. As always, I look to eco-friendly options and fortunately there's no shortage of beautiful, colorful, and cozy blankets made from materials that are organic, recycled, and responsibly sourced.

Pictured above are SDH Legna and Lambswool Blankets woven in Italy. Available from Kushtush Organics, the blankets contain 83% legna and 17% wool. Legna (pronounced lay-nyah) is a relatively new wood fiber created in Italy as an eco-friendly alternative to the cotton industry. It's harvested from managed forests using a closed-loop process that continuously recycles 99.6% of the bleach-free solvent and the water used to make this fiber. Legna has received the European Union Technology Award for Sustainable Development.


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6 Eco-Friendly Throw Blankets For Fall

As the weather gets cooler, I'm often tempted to turn on the he How To Get Someone Back That Doesnt Want You ater, but a commitment to conserving energy means reaching for a cozy throw blanket first. Here are six that I wouldn't mind wrapping myself in, or have lying around the house. Each of these modern blankets is not only warm and stylish but also made from earth-friendly materials.

Inhabit Current Throw – Made from a blend of 20% certified organic cotton and 80% bamboo rayon; dyed using low-impact dyes; formaldehyde free.

Amenity Alpaca Afghan – Hand knitted from 100% natural alpaca yarn by indigenous artisans in Bolivia; dyed with eco-friendly dyes.


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