Bright Idea: An Organized Display for Kids

Teaching children the value of an organized space can be a giant task indeed. After all, what fun is it to hang your clothes when you’ll just be wearing them again the next day? (I confess as a grown-up, I often think the same of making my bed!)

Naturally, this idea made me smile. If you’re handy with free-hand illustration, you could easily recreate a display wall that encourages your children the old adage “A place for everything and everything in its place!” – while still maintaining an artfully decorated room. I love the look, but the function is even smarter!

And no worries – if you simply can’t be trusted with a paintbrush and a steady hand, this custom vinyl decal company can create dozens of clothing silhouettes to stick on the wall directly. Genius!

Happy organizing, friends!

Image credit: 101 Woonideeen

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Finally: Under-the-Sofa Storage!

I’m one of those compulsive organizers that hates to see space go un-used and wasted. Naturally, when I spotted this genius idea on Apartment Therapy, I leaped for joy. Finally – a use for that weird, dust-bunny-collecting space underneath every sofa in my home!

By simply adding casters to a pre-formed countertop, you can create a handy games/craft surface for your kids! Let the puzzle-piecing, paper-glueing and go-fishing commence, and when your little one is finished having the time of their life? Roll it away – hidden and out of sight.

Genius idea, right?!

Photo: 2012 IKEA catalog

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Spring Cleaning is Here!

Image Credit: Stellan Herner, Skarp Agent

It’s true, friends – spring is right around the corner. And you know what spring means? Spring cleaning, which happens to be one of my favorite annual activities. No, I’m not a serial cleaner during the year, but there’s just something so lovely about that season where you’re forced to open your doors and windows, air out the home and unclutter a winter’s worth of excess.

Such a fresh, freeing activity, yes? Tell me, how many of you plan to spring clean this year? Anyone planning any serious renovation projects while you’re at it?

I’d love to hear all about them in the comment section. In the mean time, remember the old adage (that has become my decorating motto in recent months!): A place for everything and everything in its place.

Happy cleaning, friends!

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Muhs Home ~ now open!

A few months ago, Stephanie Shum of Muhs Home was kind enough to share a preview of her new online shop with me. I instantly fell in love with her carefully curated products. “Muhs” pronounced like “muse” (how fitting is this for our blog?!) is Stephanie’s last name spelt backwards. There’s a sense of “ease” to everything that she handpicked for the store. So important to bring that sense to our everyday living, don’t you think? Just simple, smart, timeless pieces. Each product you see came from Stephanie scouting across Japan and Europe, searching for local designers and makers with exceptional craftsmanship and love for their craft. Congratulations on a fabulous opening Stephanie!


ALiCE porcelain dinnerware
Stephanie found this line while browsing through neighborhood stores in Copenhagen. Muhs Home is the first US retailer of the ALiCE line!


Midori brass label accessories
I particularly love the label plate, so smart. And the endless use of baker’s twine…


Kami wood cups
At the Takahashi Kougei workshop in Hokkaido, Stephanie received a demonstration of how they turn each cup individually, just to get it down to the right thickness. She added, “And when Mr. Takahashi handed me the cup from the lathe, it was still warm!” How amazing is that?


Frame brass bottle opener
I’m constantly searching for the perfect bottle opener, think I may have just found it.

Yoshii two-tone chambry towels
Terry on one side, and a soft chambray on the other… heaven!

{ all photos by Joey Celis for Muhs Home }

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Genius Design: A Concrete Vase

I love anything natural and elemental in the home, so this concrete vase jumped out at me from miles away. Yet when I looked closer, I saw the sheer function of the design: a genius system of stackable rings for the ultimate flexibility in floral display.

Inspired by a Japanese canteen, the design works well for any size and shape of flowers. Even better? It comes with a lid in tow for flower-less days when it can be transformed into a beautiful container for office supplies, kitchen utensils and more.

Shouldn’t all things be stackable and easily transformed? What a beautiful mix of form and function!

Photos via Xiral Segard

What about you, friends? Has anything gorgeous caught your eye lately?

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