Outdoor Rooms

As the season is upon us to spend more time out of doors, I’ve spent a fair share of time looking at inspirational outdoor spaces. I find I am drawn to those that are uncluttered, and have an element of sculpture about them. Providing the objects in an outdoor room space to breathe, makes these spaces live bigger, and allows us to enjoy the sculptural quality of the furniture, which could get lost in a grouping. Not unlike the power of the vast expanse of an open landscape, these outdoor rooms provide a canvas for the pattern of shadow and the interplay of the objects in the space. That doesn’t necessarily mean an outdoor room needs to be large. These great effects can be felt in the smallest of courtyard or patio. Take account of the direction the sun will splash down upon your place, and the perfect placement of your seating or table to engage it. Dramatic. Simple. And, oh so lovely.

Images sourced at http://www.luislaplace.com

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An Ivy-Covered Studio

I often dream of having a separate studio or office space to retreat to. There’s just something so romanticized about having a compartmentalized space for your work life and home life (spoken like a true work-at-home lady!). Yet I’m quite sure that if ever I am lucky enough to build a studio shed in my backyard, it won’t look nearly as beautiful as this creation from Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture.


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