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I recently learned of a great design series for kids. Book producer Pamela Pease has released Design Dossier. A book for each topic, the reader learns about graphic design, interior design, the world of design, architecture, and fashion. (Paintbox Press, $24).  The series is geared for ages 10 to 15, but I feel that it’s never to early to get imagery, and tactile tools in the hands of children. These new books have both; lots of opportunity to explore and learn experientially and visually, as well as strong color and graphic storytelling, which is engaging at any age. This set is perfect for the budding designer or artist, as it ‘explores the elements of design, including shape, color, and typography; discovers milestones of 20th century design, as well as top contemporary designers who shape our world today.’ It does seem like there are resources available for very young children that describe an artists work, or challenge creative thinking. But, for the student of life ready to dig a little deeper experientially, great tools  of inspiration, seem harder to find.



These books are packed with information and projects, not to mention famous designers, their philosophies and examples of their work. What a great resource, for kids, parents and teachers. It is packaged in such a transportable size, I can imagine it would be a favorite collaborative resource to take to a friends house, or dare I say, even a party.





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