Pantone Hotel

The 59 room boutique Pantone Hotel is located in Brussels, Belgium and  designed by the creative team of interior designer Michel Penneman and  architect Olivier Hannaert.  ’Forty-five years ago, Pantone, Inc. revolutionized the graphic arts industry with the launch of the colorful Pantone Matching System, enabling designers and printers to faithfully articulate and reproduce accurate color anywhere in the world. Each color identified with a unique number for precise specification. Pantone achieved global acceptance and quickly became the standard in the printing and graphic arts industries.’ Now you can experience the vibrancy and subtly of this vast color line  first hand. I have to believe immersion in this color intensity would be mood bending! ‘The hotel’s seven floors were each designated a different color — a gesture meant to entice customers to select a room to match their mood. There is a rooftop terrace offering excellent views of the city.” nytimes

The Pantone Hotel is part of the new Pantone Universe, an expanding line of colorful, design-driven products to touch and tempt design savvy types. From sneakers, to mugs, and bikes to furniture, it seems design objects of all kinds are available in your favorite Pantone hue.

Images of the Pantone Hotel sourced at design applause. Excerpts found at the Pantone Hotel Website, unless otherwise noted.

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